How To Delete Recordings on a DVR

Digital Video Recorders or DVRs are one of the most spectacular things that have happened to TV viewing.  It has changed the way we watch programs.  In fact, DVRs didn't kill the TV programs but instead made TV viewing more accessible to the viewing public.

One point of comparison with our old VCR is that with the VCR, as long as you have blank tapes, almost everything you wanted will be recorded for viewing later.  The DVR, however, has a built-in hard drive that acts like a very big "tape" where you can store all your favorite shows.  This, however, means that the drive has a certain capacity.  Your DVR's ability to record has limitations and will require you to free space as you fill them up with your favorite movies and shows.

Deleting programs require a little familiarity with those buttons and functions of your actual DVR unit.  Since most of us do not even have time to deal with our gadget's manuals, the following will guide us on how to free some spaces on our recorders.

  • Select the programs you want to delete. DVRs come with auto-delete functions when you program them to do the task.
  • For your protection, it is recommended that you set your unit to manual erase. As a default, your system will automatically delete programs (from the oldest to the newest) when it will require more space for recording. Make sure that every favorite program you wanted to save has been configured to manual settings.
  • To delete the programs manually, take the following steps: From DVR Events or My Recordings Screen (depends on the brand), choose EDIT, and then choose DELETE.

Changing your DVR settings to MANUAL DELETE will ensure that all the favorite programs that you recorded will not be automatically deleted by the system.  Unnecessary deletions will be avoided and you can rest assured that your programs will be safe until you want them erased.  However, one very important point that you have to remember is to check your drive's disk space time and time again to make sure that you have enough space for your next recordings.  Failure to do this will stop the unit to record all the next scheduled recording.  This means that you will miss those shows that you programmed to be saved and not watch it at all.

While these steps are the standard and basic for all DVRs, procedures may vary depending on your manufacturer's model.  It is still best to refer to your unit's manual in modifying and changing your gadget's settings.

Having a DVR has changed the way we look at TV.  We have more time for more programs to view and review as much as we want.  But while it gives us these possibilities, one is still constrained by the limitations of space.  So, in order for you to maximize the use of this wonderful invention, you should still bear in mind that these machine works perfectly if you do your part.  Constantly checking the memory space will give you the optimum ability to record all those programs that you don't want to miss.


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