How To Display your DVD Collection

Back in the days, the video collection you had was in the form of VHS or Betamax tapes. These large tapes had to be rewound each time to be viewed. Yes, everything back then was still analog and very crude but still, you built your video collection. Today, those VHS tapes are either gone or have been sold mainly due to the fact that since 1997, they were replaced by the DVD or Digital Video Disc format. Today, your collection probably consists of hundreds of DVDs from “The Godfather” to the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. DVDs are small, portable, durable, and digital. No need to rewind or fast forward to move to a scene of your choosing. Obviously, like any other collection of items, you will want to display your DVD collection for all, guests and family members alike, to see and admire. Well, here are some ideas on how you can do it with a little bit of organization and style.

  • Put some order into it. Lining up the shelves with your DVDs without even organizing them into a certain type of order won’t really help. What you want to do is to display the DVDs in a way where finding a specific film or video will be easy for anyone to do. For instance, if you were to organize your DVD collection alphabetically, then someone will notice later on, as they peruse your titles that your DVD collection is in alphabetical order. This being the case, if they are looking for a specific title, then all they really have to do is follow the order until the first letter of the title comes into play. Now, it is important that you do not stop with just alphabetizing your collection. To make the collection more appealing to other people, you may want to alphabetize it under genres. Yes, this is a fantastic idea. For instance, under the Comedy genre, place in all your DVDs in the area indicating this genre and make sure to alphabetize it by title.
  • Display it with grandeur. Glass casings and shelves are your primary options for displaying your collection. Of course, this would depend on how extensive your collection is. All right, should you have this all set up; you might want to go the distance by professionally lighting the area where the shelves or casings are located. Some people do this, as they are quite proud of the digital media they have amassed throughout the years. In fact, some people really treasure their collection that they dedicate a whole room for it.
  • Save some space. If your collection is extensive enough and you really do not have enough room in your home for shelves or large glass casings, you may want to explore other ideas to store and display your collection. One option is get rid of the traditional DVD case and just go with DVD sleeves or inserts. These are easier to store and do not require large shelves or casing.

While your DVD collection may be your pride and joy, displaying it blandly without other accessories to enhance the display will be in poor taste. Get some movie posters framed and hang it around the area of the display. If possible, throw in some rare film and TV memorabilia that you can snag off of EBay and Craig’s List. This will surely create the complete multimedia effect you have always set your sights on.


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