How To Email a Song from iTunes Library

Owning an iPod is fun. Sure, at first it took a while to figure out. In fact, it probably took calling the Apple store several times to find out why your iPod was not working. Then, finally a salesperson asked if iTunes had been downloaded. Once iTunes was downloaded, the iPod began to work.

Now that iTunes is on your computer desktop, you can do all sorts of things with it. Including purchasing songs from the iTunes Store or adding a whole, or partial, CD, you already own, to the iPod. 

Anyway, maybe there is a song you really like and want a family member or friend to listen to.   The only problem is, you have no idea how to get that song you love so much into an email message.

This process sounds impossible to do. I mean, how is one going to email a song to a family member or friend from the iTunes Library? It probably never even occurred to you that this can be done. Well, it can be done aGirl using her computernd here is how easy it is to do.

  1. Open the iTunes software on your computer desktop, or laptop. Under the Library, click on Music. In this folder, you will see all the songs purchased from iTunes or uploaded from your CD's.
  2. Search for the song, or songs, you want to send via email to your family members or friends.
  3. Right Click on the song or songs and Click the Copy button. Now, on your computer desktop, again, Right Click and scroll down to Paste the song to the desktop. Now, to make sure the song is actually playable, click on the song icon that is now sitting on your desktop.
  4. Open your email account and have it ready to send to the person or persons you want to receive the songs. Before sending the song or songs to family or friends, test it out on yourself. Send the email to you. Once the email arrives, click on the song. The file was ask to download attachment. Click download attachment, then Open.  Finally, the song will open in iTunes. Right before your eyes and ears you will see that song appear at the top of the music section in the iTunes Library. And, the song will play as it is meant to.

This is the neatest thing to do with an iPod. It is so simple to do also. This is something your family and friends will want to know how to do as well. Instead of them purchasing the whole CD, they can just ask you for a song. But, they might have to own an iPod with iTunes already downloaded in order to hear the song.


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