How To Extend the Life of Power Equipment Batteries

Extending the life of power equipment batteries is an easy task. It only depends on the type of battery, assuming that they are lithium-ion, or Nickel cadmium. Whether the power equipment in use is a blower, power trimmer, or some other device that may run off of a rechargeable battery, there are a few steps to keep your batteries lasting for a long time. For more specific information on your batteries  look both on the actual battery and in the manual for the battery or power tool. Also, keep in mind that rules 1, 3, and 4 apply to non-chargeable batteries as well.

  1. Keep the batteries in the environment described on the manual or battery itself. For instance most batteries will have a longer charge and lifespan if you keep them in a dry, room temperature to cool area. Set them on some material that doesn't hold a charge like wood, or plastic, or rubber. the latter works best.
  2. Wait till the battery dies completely before recharging. Most batteries have a "memory" and adapt to the way you charge them. If you charge them all the time when they still have 20% to go, you can potentially loose 20% of your batteries full charge.
  3. Keep the terminal caps on the batteries when not in use. This keeps the terminals from being exposed to the current in the atmosphere and degrees the amount of life lost from sitting.
  4. Don't set the batteries on the ground. The earth can actually pull electricity from your battery and decrease the charge. Metals, and other things of the like, being conductors are also not good things to set a battery on.
  5. Charge the battery around every 30 - 45 days if in storage. A certain amount of charge is lost to the atmosphere every day. This rule applies with almost all rechargeable batteries.
  6. Refrain from leaving the battery in the actual power tool. Even when the tool is turned off, like most electronics, the fact that there is a complete circuit (may not be complete but capacitors drain power) means that you are still drawing energy from said battery. When the power equipment is in use make sure the terminals are clean and the battery is properly seated.

Bottom line: If you are doing the above, then you have most likely saved around 30% of your battery life. Taking good care of your power tools and accessories will make your battery life longer. Recharge often if kept in storage. If you are storing your batteries, store them in the appropriate environment. Run battery dead before recharging. Don't leave the battery in the power equipment when not in use. Cover the battery when being stored and store the battery on a neutrally charged object.


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