How To Fax Wirelessly

Using fax machine
Faxing usually requires a dedicated fax machine attached to your phone line. You insert the document into the fax machine, dial the recipient’s number and send the fax…but not anymore. Computer technology has developed a way to fax documents wirelessly using your computer. No need to use a stand-alone fax machine to do the job. This translates to great savings on your part. You don’t need to buy a fax machine that requires electricity, paper and toner.

With a computer and a good Internet connection, your documents can be faxed wirelessly. Just follow the steps below.

  • Choose a free fax software. Go online to find free fax software to use. You can read editor’s and user’s reviews to find out which is the best among those available. FaxZero is a popular fax software that you may want to try. You can send a maximum of 2 faxes per day with 3 pages each. Most free fax software sends a cover letter with your fax containing an ad. If you don’t want an ad to appear on the cover letter, consider paying for the fax. FaxZero for example charges $1.99 per fax with a maximum of 15 per fax, priority delivery.
  • Input the necessary information. Go to the website of the fax software. Indicate the details that the fax software requires. Sender’s name and email are required together with the recipient’s name and fax number. Specify the document to be faxed. The following file formats are accepted: .DOC, .DOCX and .PDF. You can also choose to send text instead that you want to fax by typing in the text in the editing box. Some fax software requires that you type in a confirmation code found on the screen before the fax can be physically sent.
  • Use a paid wireless fax service. Instead of using free fax software, consider paying for a wireless fax service. MyFax and eFax are two online wireless fax services. For a fee, you can make use of their wireless fax service to send and receive documents. Both have 30-day trials that you should take advantage of to determine which of the two is better.
  • Enter the required information. To send a fax wirelessly, you will need to use your email program. If you chose MyFax for example, you will need to enter the fax number in the “To:” dialog box followed by “” at the end of the number. Input the subject of the document you are faxing then the text that should appear in the cover letter. Then you can attach the document that you want to send as a fax. Click Send so the software can convert your text to a cover letter and the document to a fax document. Once converted, it will send the fax to the recipient you specified.

Note:  If you want to receive wireless faxes you can give a personal fax number assigned to you by paid wireless fax programs to people who want to send you a fax. Most wireless faxes are received through email in .PDF format or as .TIFFs. Once you open the .PDF or .TIFF, you can choose to save it, print it or even forward it to another person.

Sending and receiving official or personal documents or photos are now being done over digital channels. Since not everyone has a fax machine at their disposable, being able to fax wirelessly is a great convenience for most people. Fax applications are available on the Internet. All you have to do is choose the one that you know can best perform your faxing jobs.


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