How To Find a Reverse Cell Phone Directory

Tired of receiving prank calls? Look up that number’s owner by using a reverse cell phone directory. There are websites that provide information about a person using a cell phone. Unlike the regular phone directory that uses names to search for people, a reverse telephone directory searches and retrieves information by using a person’s number. In short, it is a kind of a directory that uses number listing instead of a name. Information gathered from these sites are somewhat confidential and not available for public access.

How do cell phone search sites work?

Look up sites by information from telephone companies and wireless carriers. Remember that each subscriber owns a singular set of unique numbers. With the use of the information sold by the telephone companies, these sites may obtain other information from different sources including local and national offices.

Who uses this cell phone look up numbers?

People who have cheating spouses, parents who worry for the security of their kids, people who receive prank calls and companies doing a background check on a person use cell phone number locators and look up sites.

Is it free?

A small fee will be collected from a person or organization requesting the information. As mentioned earlier, look up sites pay for the information they gather, so it is only reasonable for them to ask some fee. Some sites may offer free cell phone numbers look up, but most of them are just scams. Most of the sites that offer free services are just taking advantage on the ignorance of a person in using reverse cell phone directories. Sometimes it can even cost more than the other reputable sites. So beware and don’t get trapped!

How reliable are the information retrieved from look up sites?

If you want to have the latest and most accurate information, use reliable sites. These sites gather information directly from telephone companies and wireless carriers.

How do I find a reverse cell phone directory?

Use your search engine to find a reverse cell phone directory. The traffic will give you a number of results. Based on the traffic result, pick the one that you feel would provide you the best result. A reliable website would ask to enter the number first so they can check on their database if it is in their listing. If the number is not in their database, then no payment is required. Payments are requested after making sure that they have the required information.
Using a reverse cell phone directory to gather information and identify a prank caller is relatively cheaper and faster compared to the amount charged and time consumed by a private detective. It is also convenient because you don’t have to go in any offices just to pay for a service and retrieve information.

Now that you have the “must know” facts on how to find a reverse cell phone directory, start looking up your prank caller and frankly tell him to STOP. Information gathered should also be used responsibly.


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