How To Find BSNL Land Line Numbers

In India, BSNL or Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited is one of the biggest telecommunications carriers providing quality telecommunication services from landline telephony to high speed broadband Internet access by way of wired and wireless infrastructure technology. They are so big that they even provide high quality mobile telephony as well. Yes, if you are looking to get the best telecoms services for your money, you really can’t go wrong with BSNL.

In spite of their mobile telephony service, BNSL’s main product line still maintains to be the landline with thousands of subscribers in each city in India. This being said, BNSL has actually integrated a search interface on their website for people that may find the need to track the number of a person or specific address someday in the future. Here are the steps on how to use that specific directory search on the BSNL website.

  • Log onto the BSNL website. Obviously, the first step in tracking down a BSNL number will definitely require you to log on to the BSNL website. To do this, simply open up your preferred web browser and type in at the web address bar. Hit “enter” and the page should be instantly displayed.
  • Enable the map. What you want to do once you are on the BSNL website is to navigate to “Directory Services”. A drop down box will appear and from this menu, select “India Telephone Directory”. At the next box, select “On India Map”. If you have not figured it out yet, the interface will show you a map where you will choose the area where the person you are tracking the landline number of currently resides in. This being said, one the map is displayed, point and click the mouse on the area on the map where the address of the person can be found. This will help refine the database query you will soon execute.
  • Start the search. As soon as you select the particular area on the map, this will automatically localize the search you will be doing to that specific area, be it city or province. At this point, you will be prompted to enter additional information for the search. You will be asked to either provide the name of the person, exact address of the residence of the person, or both. If the information you have is incomplete or mistakenly spelled, this will not be a problem since the database will find the closest matches to what information you plot for the query. In any case, once you plot the info for the query, click on “submit” to execute the automated search on their telephone directory search.

Depending on the number of subscribers in the area with similarities to the information you encoded, the website will take a few minutes to process the search. The results will then be displayed for you. Take down the number of the particular address or name you searched for. If the particular person or address is not displayed, then you will have to refine the search or make sure that the information you have is correct. Bear in mind that not every city in India is serviced by BSNL so you may want to make sure that you are searching the right province and city.


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