How To Find Canon Videos

Everybody loves to capture good memories for remembrance, either by taking pictures or recording videos. Special events and places are saved by photo enthusiasts and pros on tapes, CDs, DVDs and SD cards. There are various video cameras and digital cameras of different models, designs and features. The choice of brand and model depends upon the user. Buying an expensive camera is not really smart, since it might not be suitable for you.

Before purchasing a video cam, you need to be practical and inquisitive, since the price of a camcorder requires quite a big chunk from your pocket. Camcorders are getting smaller every year, yet incorporated with better features that in old theory, can only exist in big ones. However, these cameras are pricey, so for those people who just want to own camcorders, they really do not need advanced features. To know which model suits you, you have to see samples shot by different kind of photographers: professional, semi-professional photographer and photo enthusiast.

Listed as one of the best Video Camera gifts last 2008 was the Canon VIXA HF11 HD Camcorder. Canon Powershot digital camera is in this year’s top Christmas gift list. People who own these cameras upload pics and videos. Some just want to exhibit their photos while some want to help others in picking the right camera for them. Although there are millions of pictures shot with canon digital cameras and reviewed, uploaded video samples are quite limited.

Here are steps to find Canon videos:

  1. Using your favorite search engine, type the words “videos shot on Canon.”
  2. Click on any of the results. One sample of the result is a website called Planet5D. It has top ten music videos shot with Canon EOS 5D Mark II.
  3. Another set of keywords you can type is: blogs with Canon videos.
  4. You can also go to and type the following keywords: videos shot with Canon. Click on any of the result to view the video.
  5. Or you can go directly to This site displays a video, entitled Reverie taken with Canon EOS 5D Mark II digital SLR, produced by Vincent Laforet. It is a good thing that different types of lenses used in the production were also specified to help explain how the production was done.

Most videos have user reviews and blogs. Guests leave comments regarding what they think of the video, they criticize the camera and even compare prices and other brand features. Browsing through uploaded videos can help you learn a lot, especially if you are a newbie and wanting to buy a new digital camera or video camera. Tips and tricks are also included as bonus in sites with videos. Every photo enthusiast gets a lot out of these sites than just a simple peek.

Canon has other products like printers and scanners, with which HP is a great competitor. However while Canon is making its mark in the camera industry, HP reigns in the printer industry.

Do not be confused with the spelling. You might end up getting videos of Nick Canon or the addicting game called Kitten Cannon as results.


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