How To Find Correct Subwoofer Placement for a Home Theater System

Say you purchased a surround sound home theatre system already. You ask yourself what to do with the whole thing when it gets sent to you. If you're one of those speaker buffs, then it's highly unlikely you would ask anyone else to tell you where to place those speakers and all other system components. You may have a good idea of what to do and what not to do. As for those who are really oblivious as to what should be done, why not read on to get a few tips?

Honestly speaking, there is no right or wrong placement, as long as you like how the output sounds. One's preference can be different from the next person's with a similar home theatre system. Regardless of the fact, to optimize audio output, there are a few things to consider as you place your subwoofers.

Subwoofers are loudspeakers made to emanate bass audio. This gives off a more in-depth feel to anything that you are watching - movies or console games are some examples. It is actually best to place subwoofers in an area that is near a wall so that the sound resonates. Typically, homeowners place subwoofers on the bottom shelves of TV stands. This is also a good idea in order to give a full-frontal audio output.

It is also best to try different placements. Test all possible subwoofer placements to fit your needs. What better way to know if something is how you want it to be than by experiencing it, right? Although this may be a hefty task, at least you've tried out multiple places you can put your subwoofer, to make sure you get the best out of it.

To test out your subwoofer's output, play music with good bass sounds. Adjust the subwoofers' "phase control" to your desired setting while the music is on, so you know how it will sound in general.

If it is too tedious for you to move the subwoofer around, try moving yourself around. Find the perfect spot where you can hear the subwoofer's output and overall speaker output. Once you have decided on that specific spot, try to place furniture and your home entertainment system accordingly.

In case you run out of ideas, you can also maximize the audio output of your subwoofers by putting them on elevated surfaces. If you have a TV stand that has available shelves, try to place your subwoofers there in a way that optimizes its use.

Having the whole family participate in fixing up your home entertainment system will also help. Ask for their opinions, and make them a deciding factor as to where you will place your subwoofer.

Subwoofers are not like surround speakers that have a directional output. As mentioned earlier, resonating sound is the key to subwoofer placement. One of the best areas is between two walls.


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