How To Find Creative Places to Put a Nanny Camera

With so many incidents reported about nannies and babysitters abusing the children they are supposed to care for, it is no wonder why most parents have installed nanny cams all around the house to keep tabs on their little ones while they are at work. The video captures will prove if the nanny hired is the right person to leave the kids with. However, since most nannies now know that people hide nanny cams all over the place some of them have become smarter and do their mischief in the areas of the house that have no video feed. This logic has led many parents to think of more creative places to install the nanny cams in order to catch every possible angle of the house without the babysitter or nanny knowing it. Here are some ideas to tickle your fancy.

Stuffed toy or cushion. Although this idea has been done to death, it is still one of the most effective ways to hide a nanny cam. For the stuffed toy, insert the camera inside and have the lens come out at the eye or mouth area of the toy. Position the stuffed     toy in place that captures the whole area of the room. Use multiple cameras for multiple stuffed toys to make the feed redundant. The same can be done for a pillow or cushion in your child’s room. Insert the camera and make a small hole in the pillow or cushion cover for the lens. Position at the best angles possible and your nanny will not be able to escape these hidden eyes.

Smoke detectors. If you have the latest tiny nanny cam models, then you can pull this trick off similar to what some spy movies have displayed. Use the smoke detectors that you have installed in each room and insert those tiny cameras in them. You may need 4 small cameras in each smoke detector to be able to capture most of the areas in the room so make sure you have enough.

Air vents. Again, you can always emulate many spy films by installing nanny cams inside the air vents in the room. Unscrew the vents and remove the cover. Install the camera and have the lens positioned to look out without obstruction through a vent in the cover. Screw back the vent cover in place and start inspecting the feed. Adjust the angle if needed.

Plants. If you have plants inside your house, then you can use these to camouflage your cameras. Choose plants that have a lot of leaves like ferns to provide the best possible camouflage effect. Make sure that the leaves do not hamper the view and angles.

Television. Another good area to place a nanny cam is by positioning it beside or atop the television in your bedroom and living room. Mask the camera by inserting it into some kind of small ornament that you can display in the area. Make sure there is a hole for the lens.

If you really use your imagination and creativity, you should be able to think of more unique places to install a nanny cam. Try watching some of the famous spy movies and TV shows to get more ideas on the matter.


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