How To Find Diagrams for Wiring Stereo Systems

If you are thinking of installing a stereo system for your car, one of the problems that you will need to address is the issue of wiring. Wiring in itself is not difficult once you know the basics of a stereo system and how the wiring is connected. The diagrams, however, are crucial for installing stereo systems in cars, because cars have complex designs and are not made to be entertainment suites in the first place. Finding the diagrams, however, is possible through these steps.

  1. Bull Dog Security Site. Perhaps the easiest way to find diagrams for wiring stereo systems is through the Bull Dog Security site. Here, a wide variety of car stereo wiring system diagrams are located. The site compiles wiring diagrams from Honda to Ford, Eagle, Dodge, Chrysler, Cadillac, Lexus, Kia, Mercedes, and everything else in between. Upon entering the site, you will be given a list of car manufacturers to choose from. Click on the button, and you will be asked to select the make and model of your particular car from a drop down list provided in the site. Press the ‘Go There!' button and the site will automatically give you a diagram of the wires, colors, and locations. This will guide you through the installation of wiring for your car stereo system. The site also provides notes such as where special parts of a vehicle are found, to make wiring installation as easy and accurate as possible.
  2. Car manufacturer. Apart from the Bull Dog Security Site, you can also check your own car manufacturer or the auto shop where you purchased your vehicle. In most instances, the technicians and mechanics in the shop will allow you to take photocopies of their car manuals. The car manuals in auto shops are comprehensive and can be used not only for basic car trouble shooting, but also for car refurbishing, and major upgrades such as adding a complex stereo system.
  3. Manual. Today, plenty of car manufacturers are acknowledging the fact that plenty of people want to install car stereo systems in their own vehicles, or upgrade the existing stereo systems. Because of this, more and more car manufacturers have improved manuals that provide wiring diagrams for stereo systems as well.
  4. Manufacturer site. Even if your manual does not have a copy of the wiring diagram for your car's stereo system, you can check the manufacturer's site for copies of updated wiring diagrams. You can use the search bar that is usually installed near the header for the website, and if there are no diagrams available, you can check with customer service representatives. Plenty of sites have live chat services that will allow you to talk with a customer service representative in real time via the internet. Or, you can call the customer service representative hot line.

Before you can start installing your car stereo system, you will need a diagram that will guide you through the wiring process. Through these steps, finding the diagram is easy.


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