How To Find Remote Control Codes

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This new year, why not resolve to simplify and streamline things? Streamlining helps you be more efficient and to cut down on unnecessary things that just waste your time. Case in point: how many remote controls do you have? Maybe you have one for your VCR, another for your TV, yet another for your DVD player… and the list goes on. You might have experienced being hassled over which one you were supposed to use. Why not simplify and use just one universal remote to control your electronic devices? Purchase a universal remote control from a reputable brand; some of the most popular ones include Philips, Sony and Logitech. Be guided by online consumer reviews, such as and, to help you choose which universal remote control will provide  the best value for your money.

Once you have your universal remote, you’d have to input your electronic device’s code into it. For many people, this is the trickiest part to making their universal remote control work, since they don’t know where to find their remote control codes. So how would you be able to solve this problem? Here are some easy pointers to help you out:

  1. Look it up in the appliances’ manual. Make it a habit to keep the manuals for your electronic devices, since there’s a big chance that you’d be using it – and that advice certainly applies in this case. In case you couldn’t find your manual, no fret: you could easily find digital copies of manuals through the manufacturer’s website, or through dedicated websites where electronic devices’ manuals are posted, such as and
  2. Try out websites that specially post listings of device codes for universal remote control programming. Some of these websites are the following:,, (for Sony appliances), (for Philips appliances), and
  3. Call up your appliance manufacturer’s help desk. If you don’t consider yourself to be a very technical person, you might be more comfortable talking to a live technical service assistant who could give you the codes you need.
  4. Go to your local electronics store, and best if it’s where you bought your appliance. They would most likely have a listing of device control codes at hand.
  5. If you can find the brand of the appliance that you have but you can’t find the codes for the exact model, it’s a good idea anyway to try out the codes for the other models.
  6. If for some reason you just can’t find any code for your appliance, there’s something you could try out when programming your universal remote. Turn on your TV manually, and then point your universal remote at it. Press the “on” button on your universal remote until its light turns on (or starts blinking). Then, press the “up” button as many times as you can until the TV channel changes. Once you finally get the channel on your TV to change, press the universal remote’s off button to complete the programming. This will probably take some time, but it’s worth a try!

There you have it! These are just some of the ways to find remote control codes, and what to do if you just can’t find them. Good luck! 


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