How To Find the Latest Direct TV Schedules

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The Direct TV broadcast satellite service is based in California. From there, it transmits digital signals to households all over the United States. It also has subscribers from the Caribbean and some parts of Latin America. It was first launched in June 1994 and has at least 50 million subscribers.

The digital broadcasts of Direct TV are sent through satellite cable transmissions. Most of the subscribers of Direct TV use reception antennas to receive the satellite transmissions from Direct TV satellites in orbit. The Direct TV 18-inch diameter satellite dish antennas are installed on a tripod in households that subscribe to it.

The equipment used by Direct TV subscribers for receiving transmissions include a satellite dish, a receiver/decoder, and a Direct TV access card that will operate the receiver/decoder. Dish networks of Direct TV subscribers receive signals from three geostationary satellite positions simultaneously. All in all, there are 10 satellites that provide Direct TV's programming lineup.

Subscribers of Direct TV are able to access hundreds of different channels (currently, Direct TV offers 265 different channels with 55 Direct TV Cinema and Pay Per View choices a day). Direct TV channels are posted on their website The particular channels that will be received by your Direct TV satellite dish will depend on your location and the particular subscription program that you are signed up with Direct TV.

For those of you who want to know the latest Direct TV schedules, it is best to go directly to their website since there is an updated schedule regularly posted on the Direct TV website. There are several websites that claim to have the Direct TV schedules, but are just advertising alternate cable TV offerings or other Internet subscription packages for TV shows.

At the Direct TV website, you may check what shows are featured in your area. Since the particular shows are also dependent on your particular area and the type of Direct TV program you are subscribed to, be sure to choose the schedule of shows that will match your particular package.

Telemarketers who are tasked with encouraging people to subscribe to this satellite cable service often offer a Direct TV subscription. Those with Visa credit cards are one of those encouraged by telemarketers to subscribe. There are various promos for packages designed for Visa cardholders, some of them including a Direct TV free dish. However, due to the activities of these telemarketers, Direct TV has received several lawsuits and complaints. Some of these complaints resulted in a U.S. Federal Trade Commission $5.3 million penalty for violating federal telemarketing regulations. In May 2009, the Better Business Bureau in relation to the complaints it received over the past 36 months gave a C-rating Direct TV.

Direct TV subscriptions are available using two options: through the Internet and through phone. If you prefer to use the Internet, go online to the Direct TV website and sign-up for a subscription. If you would prefer to talk with someone regarding a subscription you can order by phone and call 1-800-531-5000.


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