How To Find Wireless Audio Transmitters

Audio transmitter

Why do you need a wireless audio transmitter? Are you trying to spy on conversations in a room? Or do you just want to liven up your whole house or office with good music from your computer and iPod? There are a variety of wireless technologies that can get your audio from one point to another.

Having a wireless audio transmitter in the house will enable you to listen to your music even when you are in the kitchen or anywhere within the vicinity, but not near the source of your music. Wireless audio transmitters vary in performance, depending on the sound-range capacity and features. Some transmitters can be operated with AA batteries and some use wireless Bluetooth standard. If you are looking for a wireless audio transmitter, you should look for the ones you think are more useful to you and can satisfy your needs.

You can find different wireless audio transmitters in the gadget stores and in the Internet. In looking for one, consider these options:

  • Whole House Transmitter. This uses FM radio frequencies in transmitting signals, taking away the need for a specialized receiver unit. This transmitter measures only 3.4-by-2.5-by-0.75 inches and has the ability to work on 3 AA batteries and adapters like A/C, USB and car accessory jack.
  • iHiFi Receiver and Transmitters. This has a diameter that is slightly smaller than a CD, with a permanent antenna in the center. iHiFi works best with iPod, including 3rd to 4th generation iPods. This also works with other devices with 1/8-inch stereo headphone jack. Since this transmitter is small and does not need to be attached to A/C power, it is ideal for moving around the house.
  • Bluetooth Wireless Audio Transmitter. Like all other wireless transmitters, this one can also transmit music from MP3 player and CD via the Bluetooth wireless technology and is re-chargeable through a USB cable that comes in the box when you purchase the transmitter. Upon turning the device on, this wireless gadget will automatically connect with your receiver.
  • WL-060 Sitecom Wireless Audio Transmitter. This offers good solution for playing music from a notebook or laptop through stereo’s loudspeaker. Since this has a range of 50 meters, you do not need to place your computer near the stereo, enabling you to be flexible with the use of the computer. This is a completely plug and play transmitter.
  • MP3 AirLink Transmitter and Receiver. With a frequency spectrum of 2.4 GHz, this can transmit audio like other wireless network devices. Both transmitter and receiver measure 3.15 x 3.15 x 0.91 inches, and come with its own particular input and out jack.
  • Oona Transmita. This is a 2.4 GHz wireless audio with the same bandwidth as your Wi-Fi and has a range of up to 50 meters or 164 feet. Measuring only 76x24x66mm, this can be turned up to 20 channels ensuring very slim chances for interference

To learn more about the options above, you may “Google” each product for a better comparison. Otherwise you can just ask the sales person, if you are going to a local store, for some of these devices or descriptions that you want for a wireless transmitter. Store personnel may give advises on the best product for your certain type of need. Best of luck!


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