How To Fix a Bose Cube Speaker

When it comes to producing the most natural sounds with your theater, the Bose technology exceeds that expectation. This company has a reputation of delivering the highest performance in audio peripherals. If you have the Bose Acousticmass, you are most likely having at least 5 sets of speakers, one being the main sub woofer. So you’re excited – you got your DVD, cables and your Bose speakers ready. But you noticed that your speakers won’t work – either no sound is coming out from the cube speakers or there is static or humming sound coming from them. What to do?

Here are suggestions you should try to fix them:

  • Make sure they are connected correctly. One reason why your cube speakers won’t work can be because they are not connected to the correct audio jack. Right speakers should be connected to the input jacks bearing the letter “R” and the left speakers should be connected to the input jacks bearing the letter “L.” Audio jacks are usually in color codes. Make sure you match and connect the correct color as well. Sometimes when the connectors aren’t plugged in completely, there may be no sound coming out of the speakers or the quality of sound is affected. Check the connectors to make sure they are properly plugged.
  • Check the speakers through balance. Connect the left and the right speakers on their respective audio inputs. After checking that they are correctly plugged, go to your stereo and find the “balance” lever. Pop in an audio CD or a DVD and let it play. Don’t worry if the output sounds low in quality, you have to check which speakers don’t work properly. What you should do is turn the sound balance fully to the right and listen. If the speaker sounds full, then it doesn’t have any problem. Turn the balance fully to the left and listen again. If the sound quality is poor or if there aren’t any sounds at all, you should check the connectors again. If unsuccessful, it would be wise to have it repaired.
  • Test the speakers with another audio device. If your cube speakers don’t have sounds at all, disconnect them from the amplifier. Find another audio device that you can test the speakers with – it can be a stereo or an iPod. Connect the cube speakers to the audio device. If there are sounds, then your speakers are not the problem – it may be your amplifier or your previous audio device.
  • Check for humming. If your cube speakers have humming sounds even when the volume is turned down that means that the speakers are grounded or there is not enough power supply coming into the device. Check your manual about grounding your device.
  • Take it to accredited repair shops. If everything else fails, the right thing to do would be to disconnect the cube speakers and bring it to accredited Bose repair shops. Be sure to bring the specification book and your warranty card (if they are still under warranty).

Once you get your cube speakers working perfectly, you can be sure to experience clarity. There is nothing more enjoyable than watching a movie with good surround sound system.


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