How To Get a Free Zune

The Apple iPod has had the advantage over other MP3 players for some time now, but the Microsoft Zune hopes to bring an end to that. Since most people use computers that run Microsoft windows, they will find that the Zune will be more compatible with their systems as opposed to the Apple iPod. Zunes can be expensive though, which is why you simply can’t pass up the offer to get one for absolutely free! There are websites that will send you a free Zune, just as long as you complete a few offers from their sponsors, or refer a certain number of people to the site.

  1. Go to MyZuneFree. There are a lot of sites on the Internet that offer to get you a Microsoft Zune for free. It’s difficult to tell which ones are legitimate offers and which ones are simply scams. Sometimes, after you’ve fulfilled the requirements to get the free item, you will log back onto the site only to find that it no longer exists. This website, however, has been on the web for some time and a lot of people trust it. It also features a FAQ to answer any questions you may have. They even provide their AIM info so you can contact them and speak with them personally. That definitely instills confidence.
  2. Create your account. Put your email address in the text box at the bottom of the page and you will be prompted to fill in some personal information like your address. They will need this information in order to mail the Zune to you after all.
  3. Complete an offer. You will be given a list of offers that differs from time to time according to what they have available. You simply click on the offer you wish to complete and fulfill the obligations that are required. Some offers may cost money or involve signing up for a monthly service, so be careful when you are completing an offer.
  4. Get referrals. This next step requires you to simply refer other people to the site. In order to qualify as a referral, they will need to have signed up to get the free Zune and complete one offer, just like you did. You can try different methods to get through this step. You can contact friends and family whom you think may be interested in getting a free Zune and simply guide them through the process. A lot of people get resourceful when completing this step and even use Internet sites like MySpace in order to refer people to the site.
  5. Get your free Zune. Once the above steps are completed, you just need to sit back and wait for your new Zune to come in the mail. You should probably send the site an email just to notify them that you have completed the offers and referrals and are eligible for your reward.

The process of getting a free Zune can be fun as long as you choose a respectful site to complete the offer from. There’s no doubt that there are sites made to look like the one mentioned above that are really just out to get you to sign up for offers with no intention of sending you a Zune or any other form of compensation.


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