How To Get a Subscription for Free Satellite TV

Everyone that hears or sees the word ‘free' will automatically jump for joy. So what if your subscription to satellite TV could be free? Will you take it or not? For sure, you will grab this chance.

Watching TV is one of the common hobbies or pastimes of people--it helps fight boredom, and it is the primary source of news and advertisements. But sometimes, we get tired of watching the same shows we see on TV everyday. The answer to this is of course is a satellite TV.

Money is a big deal to everyone, so this article will try its very best to offer some steps on how to get satellite TV for free.

  1. Dish network and Direct TV are the two giant companies offering satellite TV, and because of the severe competition between the two, they offer a lot of free services just to win the hearts of their target consumers.
  2. You can visit their site or call their hotline to determine their latest offer. Usually, first time subscribers may get all the equipment free as well as the installation. You need to make sure that you understand the deal and the offer from each of the two companies and weigh them according to your preferences.
  3. But still no matter how hard the competition between the two companies is, they are still businesses that need profit. Some of their free offers may last for a couple of months, and after this, you still need to pay your monthly dues.
  4. There are some pirate companies that offer free satellite TV through stealing satellite signals. Still their service is not totally free because you need to pay for the equipment they need like the receiver, the dish, the LNB, the card, etc. These companies hire what they call a "free-satellite TV guy" that re-programs the access card. After this, you may get pleasure from free satellite TV for about two to three weeks, but expect continual interruptions afterwards.
  5. You may still get free satellite TV with your own satellite dish. You may buy a package from online auction stores like eBay. The wider the satellite dishes you have the better because it has larger coverage. You still need enough knowledge and practical hands-on skill to set this thing up though.
  6. Another alternative to getting free satellite TV is through online streaming TV, so you need to have a computer with an Internet connection. You can visit BeeLineTV or JumpTV. With these you can watch TV programs from satellite TV on your PC with media players like Windows Media Player, Real Player, etc. It just has one fall back--the lack of variation and selection of channels.

Still in this world, there is no such thing as a free lunch, because all the steps that were affirmed above cost a certain amount of money. If you really want to have it, it is better to save some money. Spending some money on things that will make you happy and satisfied is perfectly reasonable.


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