How To Get Unlimited Calls for Long Distance

Long distance calls can be classified into two categories: interstate calls (calls that connect people in different states) and international calls (calls that connect people in different countries). Here are some easy tips on how you can get unlimited calls for long distance.

  • Direct Long Distance Dialing. Phone services usually have this feature; if not, talk with your phone service provider. Specify that you want to make unlimited long distance calls. Before you call, know the international calling prefix, the country code and the area code of the phone you are calling. The international calling prefix is a set of digits (such as 00), which gives a signal that you are making an international code. After that, dial the country code, which is unique for that country (India has a country code of 91). Next, dial the area code, and lastly, the phone number. You can get a list of codes from this website at
  • Phone Carriers. The phone service, which you are presently using, can serve as a long distance carrier. You only need to pay an additional amount in order for you to make unlimited calls for long distance. Take note that the costs differ among a variety of phone carriers, so choose the one that is at a reasonable price for you. Visit for a list.
  • Prepaid Cards. The advantages of using a prepaid long distance cards are that you don't have to sign contracts, you will make cheap calls and you will have control on how much you pay. You can also use the phone card anywhere there is a phone. Just scratch the foil at the back to get the access code, and follow the simple instructions so that you can make your long distance call. Be sure that you are buying a card for unlimited calls, though. Some prepaid cards have a limit assigned to them.
  • Virtual Calling Cards. A virtual calling card is similar to a prepaid phone card; however, an actual card is not used, but a PIN (personal identification number) is given. To use a virtual calling card, dial your country's access number. After that, enter the PIN number and finally, dial the number you are calling. The site at has examples of phone cards and virtual calling cards.
  • International Callback. Registering for a callback service gives you the ability to ring people so that they will call you back. To use this service, dial the access number and hang up after a single ring. After that, the service will inform the person you called that you want him or her to call you back. With some services, you can change your callback number so that people can reach you even though you have changed phones. Check out to try this out.
  • Internet Calls. The internet is useful not only as a means to provide information and entertainment, but also long distance communication as well. Making internet calls that reach long distance phones is as simple as going to a website, registering and downloading a program for free. You can make free calls with some programs. Skype and Lingo are a few examples of online services that provide internet calls.

Long distance calls make connecting with people easier. Get services that provide you with unlimited calls, so that you can reach people all the time, no matter how far they may be. Shop around and ask those you trust for recommendations.


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