How To Get Unlimited Long Distance Phone Calls

Long distance phone calls in the telecommunication field are calls that are made outside a certain area. They use an area code that is not the same as the local area you are calling from.

There are two types of long distance phone calls - these are domestic and international calls. A domestic long distance phone call is made when you are calling from the same country but trying to call someone outside of that certain area. Examples of these are provinces or other states. An international long distance phone call on the other hand is made when you try to call someone from another country. In the United States, a domestic phone call is usually called an intrastate call, while an international phone call is called interstate.

Different telephone services offer a variety of UNLIMITED CALLING plans and options for their users. Some phone services offer discounts. There are some that offer cheaper rates to attract more people to use their services. Below are some companies that offer cheap and discounted rates.

  1. OPEX. It offers long distance service for both residential and business users with a fixed rate of 2.7 cents per minute.
  2. IBN. IBN Tel is a telecommunications company known for consistently delivering the value consumers have come to expect. Price rate is 2.3 cents per minute.
  3. Covista. Covista communications offers a discounted residential service rate of 2.5 cents per minute.
  4. Pioneer. Offers the same rate as OPEX with 2.7 cents per minute.

Aside from these four, there are thousands of other providers that offer rates with reasonable prices. However, some people still prefer using phone cards with low cost rates instead of availing of the provider's long distance service.  There are a lot of phone cards available in the market that offer affordable rates. Some of these are Pingo and One Suite, which is available in most countries.

Cheaper rates and discounted plans can easily get people's attention to decide whether they want to go with a provider's phone service. But what attracts people most during this time are the unlimited long distance phone calls with a reasonable price. The service that they offer is paid on a monthly basis. It uses a fixed rate rather than paying it based on the time that you used for the long distance phone calls.

There are two ways that people can get unlimited long distance phone calls. One is via phone carrier, where the service they offer doesn't require any special equipment. It is also through the current phone service being used. Below are some known phone carriers.

  1. Zero cents. Zero cents offer a monthly service of $29.99 and doesn't require any change of service.
  2. Broadvox. This carrier offers broadband plus phone service with unlimited long distance phone call. It starts with a rate of $29.95 for residential and $44.95 for small businesses.
  3. Cavalier. Gives you an option to retain your current phone number if you have one or choose another number. Offers unlimited local and long distance calls for $34.95.
  4. AT&T. AT&T is known for their service quality and outstanding customer service. They offer unlimited local phone service for $2.99 per month and unlimited long distance service charge of $11.99 per month.

Another way to get unlimited long distance phone call is with the use of special equipment. One of these technologies is known as VoIP. VoIP utilizes a special phone that allows a direct connection to the Internet via IP networks, thereby allowing voice communication. VoIP has already spread throughout the United States so that even some companies are already using it because of its efficiency. Wireless devices are also being developed as another alternative in using unlimited long distance calls.

There are different ways to avail of cheaper or unlimited long distance phone calls. Continuous innovations tend to bring people more ways to get unlimited long distance phone calls.


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