How To Hang Theater Curtains

Home theaters are increasingly becoming a common part of many households. They come in packages that include projection screens or television sets that can make Movie Theater viewing possible within the comforts of your own home.

For the unaware, one-way to enhance the acoustics of your room, or keep the darkness, is through  the use of theater curtains. These theater curtains are also useful for hiding the projection screen when it is not in use and keep the functionality of your room. That way, they are protected from dust, moisture and other foreign materials that can cause the equipment to rust or age. Additionally, theater curtains add to the aesthetics of you room.

Hanging theater curtains may seem tedious and complicated, but if you follow these easy steps, you can have it up and about in no time.

To hang your own theater curtains, you will need curtain rod(s), a measuring tape, a drill, brackets, and screws. The procedures on how to hang theater curtains are as follows.

  • When choosing curtain rods, make sure that there will be enough space for the curtains when they are pushed open. Curtains will usually take up about one third of the rod when pushed to the side. You may choose from different kinds of rod brackets, depending on where you want your theater curtains hung. There are longer brackets available for hanging curtain rods on to the ceiling or shorter ones for walls.
  • Using your measuring tape, mark the two ends where you want to place your curtain rod brackets. Make sure to measure carefully so that they are aligned. You may choose to use a pencil and level for this one.
  • Drill holes where you marked your wall or ceiling to attach the screws, which you will be using for the curtain rod brackets.
  • If you want to keep the darkness in your room, it is best to use blackout curtains. On the other hand, to enhance the sounds of your entertainment system, use acoustic curtains. Using curtains that will cover the wall or ceiling to the floor will give you best efficiency.
  • Attach the curtain rod brackets to the wall or ceiling using the screws.
  • Slide the curtains on to the curtain rod and hang it on to the brackets.
  • You may choose to add a second set of curtains to make the soundproofing of the room better or ensure that all the light sources in your room are covered.
  • It is recommended that you hang the second set of curtains on the ceiling. Use brackets that will allow you to hang the second set of curtains approximately two feet away from the first.
  • Measure and mark the distance where the second set of brackets will be screwed.
  • Drill the holes on to the ceiling and use the screws to attach the brackets.
  • Slide the curtains on to the curtain rod and hang it on to the brackets.

Now that you have installed theater curtains in your room, there is no better reward for your hard work than to sit back with your family and friends, and watch your all time favorite movies in its highest quality.


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