How To Hook Up a Dish Network Satellite

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Dish network is one of the most popular companies that provide satellite television programming. Usually, first time customers can get their Dish Network satellite installed at home for no charge at all. If you have to move, however, you will need to either install the satellite dish yourself, or you will need to hire professionals who can do the job for you. Here’s how you can connect the Dish Network satellite yourself.

  • Site survey. First of all, you need to check out the site for yourself. Because you are depending on satellite signals, you need to find a spot in your area where the satellite dish will have clear access to the satellite transmitters. Usually, the transmitters are located in the south which is why you need to determine where the southern hemisphere is from where you are living. If you must, use a compass to determine this.
  • Positioning. Once you have determined the location of the south, the next step is to determine the specific position of the Dish Network satellite. For example, you will need to determine whether the satellite is best placed near a tree, near the roof, on a fence, et cetera. Generally, however, the rule is to have a clear line of sight from the satellite dish to the south. This will give the crispest and sharpest images for your television.
  • Read up. Next, determine the type of Dish Network satellite you have and read up on how to install that particular type of satellite dish. Usually, the installment options are found on the website for the Dish Network, under the Support Documents section of the website. You will need to read the instructions located in the site so that you will know how to install the specific type of satellite dish that you are using.
  • Assemble and connect. Once you have downloaded the instructions from the television, the next step is to assemble the satellite dish itself. Once you have assembled it, the next step is to determine the azimuth and skew configuration for the dish, so that it will be able to receive signals at an optimal position. Usually, there will be instructions in the manual for determining the azimuth and the skew. After doing this, connect the cords from the satellite dish to the LNB.
  • Connect to the TV. Once the satellite dish itself has been configured, the next step is to connect the satellite dish to the television itself. This can be done by using the wires and cords that are provided for by the Dish Network Company.
  • Configure. Once the connection between the TV and the satellite dish is secured, turn on your television and install the program by clicking on Menu from the Dish Network control panel. Click on System Setup and then on the Installation button. Once in the Installation tab, you will need to click on the Check Switch tab, and then press Check. Select satellite 119 and use 11 as the transponder.

If the signal is good, then setup is complete. If not, you may need to adjust the position of the satellite dish and then try to go over the Check Switch option all over again.


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