How To Hook Up a DVD Player to a Computer Monitor

You can use your computer monitor if you want to watch DVDs with the use of your DVD player. It is really easy to connect the two together if you have the right cables that you need. Follow the instructions that are provided below to know how you can hook up your DVD player to a computer monitor.

These are the steps that you can follow for the installation:

  • 1Items you need. The items that you need for this are your DVD player, a TV tuner, video cable, RCA cable, speakers and your computer monitor. You can purchase the cables from your local electronics or hardware store. You may also need a surge protector so that you can have more power outlets to plug in all your devices.
  • Check the ports. The first thing that you have to do is to check the ports on your computer monitor and on the DVD player. You must know the ports that are available so that you can know what types of cables to use for the connection. The ports that you most likely have are for the s-video and RCA.
  • Attach computer TV tuner box. Get your TV tuner and attach it to the input on your monitor. This connection uses a VGA cable. Secure the cable on your monitor.
  • Connect the DVD player. The next step is to connect the DVD player. The connections may vary. The best cable to use is the component cable. This 3 ends – red, green and blue. If you do not have this type of cable, you may have the s-video cable. The s-video is easy to recognize since it has a circular end. Plug this into the s-video port on the TV tuner box. Your other option is to use the RCA cable that also has 3 ends – red, yellow and white.
  • Connect the speakers. Get the cables from your speakers. You can do this by using RCA cable wires. They have 2 ends – with white and red plugs. Connect these to your speakers. You should connect red to red and white to white.
  • Plug all devices into power supply. Now you are ready to test your DVD player on your computer. Plug all the devices. These are the speakers, your computer and DVD player.
  • Test the DVD player. Insert a DVD in the player. Play the DVD and see if it works. If you have installed the components properly, you should see the video on your computer monitor and hear the audio of the movie coming out of the speakers.

Now you can watch all your DVD movies on your computer monitor by using your DVD player. This is something that you can do if you do not have a TV in your room where you can connect the DVD player. You can also hook up other devices to your computer such as a stereo, instruments for recording and other gadgets. If you have the right cables, you can pretty much connect anything to your computer.


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