How To Hook Up a Satellite Dish

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Today, satellite dishes are available not only for commercial enterprise but for homeowners as well. There are many uses for the satellite dish. You can use the satellite dish to subscribe to satellite television, and you can also use a satellite dish to connect to the internet. Here’s how.

  • Site scouting. First of all, you need to scout for the site where you will install the satellite dish. The primary consideration you need when looking for the location is the south. The satellite dish should be able to have a clear line of sight with the southern hemisphere, where most satellites are located and where your satellite dish will be receiving its signal. Look at the most convenient points through which you can connect. For example, will it be better for you to place the satellite dish on the rooftop in order for it to have clear access to the southern hemisphere? Or will it be enough to place the satellite dish on the ground? This all depends on your area. If you do not know the south, use a compass.
  • Leveling. Next, start leveling the satellite dish once you have mounted it. The satellite should be leveled as perfectly as possible, for it to be able to get as good a signal reception as possible. Therefore, you should check the leveling points from various places.
  • Setting the azimuth. Apart from leveling, you will also need to determine the skew and the azimuth of the satellite dish itself. Usually, the satellite dish will have a manual that will help you to determine the azimuth and skew for the dish. If you do not have the manual with you, you can download instructions from the satellite dish manufacturer’s website.
  • Connecting. Next, connect the satellite dish with the television set that you have at home. You need to make sure that the TV set is connected to the satellite dish using the correct cables. Make sure that you follow the correct socket and port for the correct cable. Usually, you will find yellow, red and white cords that will correspond to yellow, red and white ports in the television set and the satellite dish. Once you have connected the satellite dish with the TV set, you can proceed to connecting the satellite dish to a power source.
  • Turn on. Afterwards, turn on both the satellite dish and the television set. On the TV menu, you can choose the Signal Meter Reading tab. this will help you determine whether the satellite dish is configured optimally. Also make sure that you set the correct responder number and channel in the television set. You can determine which responder number to assign to your satellite dish by using the instructions from the satellite dish company. If you are using Dish Network’s services, for instance, you need to choose responder number 11.

If the signal meter reading is low, you will need to go back to the satellite dish and loosen some bolts mounting the satellite dish. Afterwards, adjust the satellite dish again and try running the television’s meter signal reading function again.


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