How To Hook Up a Standard DirecTV Receiver to an HDTV


The very recent transition to everything digital for TV reception has left consumers wondering and worrying whether our current equipment set up is enough. Here are tips on how to still utilize that standard DirecTV receiver to get high definition signals.

1. Gather everything you need.

Have everything ready and in one place. These are your High Definition TV, your standard DirecTV receiver, cable connectors, audio/video (AV) cables and High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) cables. You can add a DVD player and peripheral surround sound speakers and their respective stereo receiver if you want.

2. Familiarize yourself with the HDTV features.

At the back of your HDTV, you should be able to see a series of ports for AV cable connectors, antenna input, and HDMI cables. In most HDTVs, the AV ports are color-coded, with red and white for audio inputs and yellow for the video input. If this is not the case, check your HDTV's manual to be able to correctly locate the ports.

3. Connect the HDTV to the receiver.

Hook up your HDTV to the receiver by attaching the cable to the antenna input found at the back of the HDTV. HDMI cables should be used in this situation, since these will enable the TV to receive signals in high definition. However, some older models of receivers do not have HDMI ports but can still receive signals in high definition through other types of cable connectors such as RCA.

4. Connect the DVD player and/or speakers.

Connect the DVD player or any other peripheral speakers by attaching the AV cables to the correct audio and video ports, both on the player or speaker and the HDTV. Remember to follow the color coding: red cable into the red-colored port; white cable into the white-colored port; and yellow cable into the yellow-colored port.

5. Program your HDTV.

Turn on your HDTV and go to the menu using the remote. Here you will be given instructions to complete the setup. Finally, press the "input" button on your television remote. This move will switch the TV to get the signal from the cable connection that you have just set up.

The move to digital transmission need not be confusing. All we need is some know-how so that we do not have to throw away all our dear old entertainment systems.


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