How To Hook Up a Technics Stereo System

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Technics Stereo System is a great company that provides excellent turntables that will allow you to spin records. If you are DJ or if you are simply a home enthusiast, here are the steps that you need to follow for hooking up the Technics turntables to the speakers and monitors in your home.

  • Assembling the DJ coffin. First of all, you need to assemble the DJ coffin. The DJ coffin refers to the box where the turntables and the mixer are usually found. It serves the dual function of protecting the turntables from shock and from scratches, and also helps to make the turntables portable. Simply follow the directions for assembling the DJ coffin. If you do not have a DJ coffin, however, you can also simply place the turntables on any surface.]
  • Technics placement. The turntables should be placed at least 18 inches from one another. If you are using a DJ coffin, there is usually an indicated space where you can place the turntables, which by default is at least 18 inches apart from each other.
  • DJ mixer. Next, take the DJ mixer and install it in the place in between the two turntables. The reason why there must be at least 18 inches of space in between the two turntables is because most DJ mixers are approximately 18 inches in size or less. You need to place the DJ mixer in between the turntables so that it will be accessible and easy to use while you are playing you tunes. If you do not have a DJ mixer yet, you need to invest in high quality mixers that will last a long time. There are some cheap DJ mixers, but these will usually be unable to deliver high quality sounds and sturdiness.
  • Connecting the mixer and the turntables. Next, connect the mixer and turntables themselves. You can do this by using the RCA cables. Because the Technics stereo system is a pretty expensive audio device, you should make sure that you do justice to your turntables by using only high quality RCA cables. Keep in mind, however, that you can also use single channeled cables, although these are usually more difficult to purchase since these are less common and are used by fewer people. The single channel RCA cables are the cable of choice for the Technics stereo system.
  • Connecting the speakers.  Next, take the appropriate RCA cable and connect it to the output ports in the DJ mixer. Connect each RCA cable to the appropriate speakers or monitors. The left cable should be connected to the left speaker and the right cable should be connected to the right speaker. Usually, 20 to 80 watt monitors and speakers are enough for turntables and DJ mixers, although you can always upgrade your speakers if you want to.

Needle and cartridge check. Make sure that the needles in your turntables are in good working order. Do the same for the cartridge. Once you are satisfied with the state of the needles and the cartridge, you can power on the turntable and start spinning.


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