How To Hook Up your HDTV to your Cable/Satellite Box and DVD (DVR) Unit

High definition television (also known as HDTV) offers high-quality resolution. It has about two million pixels for every frame. This means that it offers quality about five times higher than regular television sets. However, when it comes to TV, what you watch is also important. Your high-technology television will be a waste without programs and movies to watch. For this, you can use cable/satellite boxes, or DVD players. These programs will help make your watching experience more enjoyable. Hooking up your HDTV to these gadgets will not be difficult with these few steps.

Here are the steps on how to hook up your HDTV to your cable/satellite box and DVD (DVDR) unit:

Know your input and output jacks. The amount of ports at the back of your HDTV might be confusing. You will have a much easier time if you are familiar with them beforehand. Look out for the High-Definition Multimedia Interface port. They supply both audio and video. This gives the highest resolution when you hook it up with your digital converter box. You can use the Y, CB, CR Input and Output ports as well. It offers good resolution. You will be able to identify these ports because they are color-coded (red, blue and green). The last port you want to use, although it is an option, is the S-Video cable port. It offers a passable resolution, but you will be wasting your HDTV on this option.

Connect the cable/satellite to the HDTV. Acquire the coax cable that supplies the cable connection. You will probably find this attached to your wall. Use that coax cable and connect it to your cable/satellite box. Check for the “IN” label at the back of your cable/satellite box. This is where you will connect the coax cable. Afterwards, get an HDMI cable. An HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) cable is a connection system that connects digital devices to televisions, which supports standard to high definition video formats. Connect the two ends of HDMI cable to the HDTV and your cable/satellite box.

Connect the cable/satellite box to the DVD unit.
Get a composite cable. This cable allows users to connect their television to various electronic gadgets, like a cable/satellite and DVD unit. A composite cable has two ends with three inputs (yellow, red and white). Connect the ends to the cable/satellite box and the other end to the DVD (DVR) unit.

Connect DVD (DVR) unit to the HDTV. Get another HDMI cable. Use this to connect the DVD (DVR) unit to the HDTV. Check the back of the DVD (DVR) unit. Look for the “OUT” label. This is where you will connect one end of the HDMI cable. Afterwards, look for the “IN” label at the back of the HDTV. This is where you will connect the other end of the HDMI cable. Afterwards, get another composite cable and connect both ends to the HDTV and the DVD (DVR) unit. After connecting all cables, check to see if everything is working properly.

An HDTV is a great investment. However, you will not be able to enjoy it if you have nothing to watch. You can install your own cable and DVD player right at home. All you need is a little patience and you are sure to get the job done. Follow these steps and you will be watching your favorite programs in no time.


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