How To Install a 6-Disc CD Changer

When going on a road trip, one of the best ways to keep yourself entertained is by having a wide repertoire of music blasting from your car stereo system. If you bring with you a lot of albums in CDs, it can be such a hassle switching from CD to another. Not only is it a nuisance, it could even distract you and endanger you if you are driving alone. It's a good thing then that 6-disc CD changers are available. This allows you to have 6 different albums at once, and you don't have to eject and insert CD after CD all the time. Not all cars are installed with this feature, though. So if you want to install a 6-disc CD changer, follow the steps below and you're on your way to a fun road trip.

  • Acquire the things you need. It is best to have all the materials and gadgets on hand once you set out to install this feature in your car stereo. You will need a CD changer, a drill, a CD changer mounting system, which is usually included in the CD changer, a screwdriver, and a compatible aftermarket receiver. Visit your local auto or radio shop for this, ask the sales people, and they will definitely be happy to help.
  • Scout for a good location. Your 6-CD changer won't be a tiny little thing, obviously, since it can house 6 CDs at once, so it is important that you find a good spot for it in your car. Of course, you would want it to be accessible enough whenever you want to change the music selection. However, you also can't have it being an obstruction to your driving or to your passengers. Find a nice spot for it, with these considerations in mind.
  • Install the mounting hardware first. When you purchase your CD changer, it will most likely include a set of mounting hardware. This typically includes a set of brackets, and some screws. These brackets will be flexible enough to allow you to mount your CD changer any way you want it – whether horizontally, vertically or even hanging. From your preferred location, drill small holes for the brackets. If you would like to avoid mistakes, mark the distances of the holes first before you start drilling. Upon doing this, mount the brackets and screw them firmly into place with the metal screws included in the package. If you are confused with how to go about this, check the instructions provided in the packaging.
  • Connect the CD changer to your stereo. Look for the cable found in the packaging of the CD changer. You have to connect the CD changer to your stereo. There will be a port at the back of your stereo, and this is where you will route the changer control cable. You have to take out the stereo from the dashboard to be able to access this port, so read your car stereo's manual on how to do this without damaging the wiring. Connect to the CD changer, and make sure that you keep the cables out of the way.
  • Set angle adjustments and you're good to go. You should be able to set the angle adjustment on your charger by finding a knob or switch that allows you to match the angle of how the charger will be mounted. Once you've done this, you can now mount your changer onto the brackets. Secure firmly and you're all set.

Now that you've installed your 6-CD changer, you can now enjoy long drives with great music. Now going on a road trip just became more interesting.


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