How To Install a DirecTV Satellite Dish

Using satellite dish antenna
Using a satellite dish in this modern time is a popular choice. A satellite dish is a parabolic antenna made to receive transmissions or broadcasting from satellites (satellite television). If you are interested in having DirecTV services, you can ask for installation assistance from service provider specialists. Basically, DirecTV satellite dish installation is free, but if you want to install it on your own here are some steps to guide you.

Step 1

Run though the user manual that you received from the system to understand the device.

Step 2

Determine the position of your home. You can use the World Wide Web or a GPS device to do that.

Step 3

Find a location that best suits your satellite dish.

Note: Choose a location for the satellite where kids do not play and the satellite should not be blocked by any buildings, poles or trees.

Step 4

Now, the satellite dish must point in a specific location to receive broadcasting from the satellite, it should be sufficient to point the open face of the dish toward the southern sky; this is where the signals from the satellite travel.

Step 5

Depending on the size of your satellite dish, you can mount the dish antenna on the wall or you can stick a pole into the ground and then set up the satellite dish on the pole.

Step 6

After fixing the satellite in a stable position, connect the receiver to the satellite dish using the provided coaxial cable. Right after, connect the receiver to the TV set.

Step 7

Now, turn on the television. The troubleshooting steps are listed in the user’s manual of the satellite dish. Check if the satellite dish can receive signals from the satellite.

Step 8

If you notice that your dish can’t pick up any signals from the satellite, you can realign the dish by determining the level of elevation of the location. You can check that on the elevation indicator on the satellite dish and then adjust the satellite by loosening the elevation nuts so it would be movable (up and down).

Note: Make sure that you adjust the dish to the specific level required.

Step 9

Try to compare the channels from a regular TV connection to your satellite TV channels to check if your dish can receive broadcast signals.

Step 10

If you can’t get your satellite broadcasting now, all you need to do is to focus the picture of the television. This step requires two persons, so one will check the picture of the television while the other is adjusting the satellite dish. To focus the picture on your television you need to move the (low-noise blocker) LNB of the satellite in and out until you get a good picture on your television.

Here are some tips and warnings that you should consider:

  •  Point the dish in the direction of the southern sky to get good reception.
  • Try using a signal meter to know where you can place your satellite dish. Be sure that you receive greater than 60% signal to get good reception.
  • Ask whether a friend that has DirecTV satellite dish personally set the satellite up. Ask help from them to install your satellite. This will save you more time when installing.
  • When mounting the pole, be sure that you got the right angles from the ground.
  • Fix the coaxial cable tightly after finalizing the signal.
  • If you have any problems when installing the DirecTV satellite you can call their hotline, 1-888-355-7530, toll-free.
You've just installed your DirecTV satellite dish on your own. You can now watch and enjoy your preferred television shows.


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