How To Install a DSL Filter on a Phone

A DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) filter is a component that comes with some DSL installations. This device is responsible for filtering out interferences and disturbances on the telephone line. In some cases, the DLS filter does not come with the installation of the DSL. Because of this, you might hear some static noises whenever you try and use your telephone to make some calls while you are connected to the Internet. The solution to this is to install a DSL filter. Read and follow the instructions listed below to know how you can install a DSL filter on a phone.

Here are the steps that you can follow if you want to install a DSL filter on a phone:

  • Types of filters. 2 types of DSL filters are available. The first one is the dual line filter. This type of filter has 1 input line and 2 output lines. The output lines are for the phone and the other is for plain old telephone service devices. The second type of DSL filter is the single line filter. This one has 1 input line and 1 output line. The output line for the single line filter is used for the phone.
  • Materials you need. For this, you will need a micro filter or splitter. This is the device that splits your phone line from the DSL line. You can purchase a micro filter or splitter from the hardware store or you can also call your DSL provider to see if you can get a DSL filter. Some providers are willing to give a DSL filter for free.
  • Use DSL filter or splitter. Get the DSL filter or splitter and connect it to the phone line that is connected to your DSL modem. Check the DSL filter for the label ‘phone’ and insert the phone jack there. Connect the DSL modem to the splitter too. Make sure that the cables are securely connected to the DSL filter or else it might not work.
  • Turn on computer. Turn on your computer. Test to see if you can connect to the Internet. If not, you may have plugged the DSL line to the wrong slot on the DSL filter. Check and try again. Once you are connected to the Internet, proceed with the next steps.
  • Check the phone line. Now that you are connected to the Internet, lift your phone’s receiver and listen for any static sounds and disruptions. You may also test the phone line by calling someone just to see if they sound clear. If there are no disruptions or static sounds, you have installed the DSL filter correctly.

These are the steps that you can follow if you want to install a DSL filter on a phone in order to get rid of static sounds and the noises that you experience while using the phone. If you have several phones in the house, just purchase more DSL filters or splitters and repeat the steps above with each phone.


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