How To Install a GPS Tracking System in Your Vehicle or Cell Phone

A Global Positioning System or GPS tracking system is a device or gadget that combines the technology of a GPS receiver, a cellular phone transmitter, and specialist software. The car tracking device or vehicle tracker is connected to a cell phone network server that allows anyone to monitor the movements of a number of vehicles in real time. The GPS auto tracking device records the position at regular intervals of the asset to which the device is attached. GPS trackers can be used for vehicles, for children, for trucks and for properties to determine their exact location.

For those interested in technology, installing your own GPS tracking system is simple. The data can be reviewed in real-time in a format that is very user-friendly.

  1. There are two kinds of power sources for the available modern GPS vehicle tracking systems, the battery powered or the vehicle powered types. Choosing the battery-powered system is the easiest and quickest way to install the GPS trackers. You do not need to connect the car tracking device to the car's power source, and you can place the device anywhere inside the vehicle. Using the battery powered type though would need regular battery charging depending on the manufacturer.
  2. Once you have selected your tracking device, check that the SIM card you are using is not PIN security number protected. Insert your SIM card in the device.
  3. After inserting the SIM card, connect the unit to the power source or batteries and power on the system.
  4. Look for a place where you can put the device so it is least likely to be found.
  5. Follow your user's instruction manual and set your SIM to be ready to send data.
  6. Phone with GPS locatorThe GPS vehicle tracking software to be used differs depending on the manufacturer of the device. Carefully read the instructions and use the software provided.
  7. Install the vehicle tracking software on your laptop or desktop.
  8. Make sure you have a GSM modem to enable you to link your computer to the device in your car.
  9. After installing the software, follow the steps given to make your cell phone and vehicle tracking device communicate.

Currently, small companies are making use of car tracking devices for vehicles, and for trucks, to monitor the movement of their company vehicles.  Delivery and taxi companies have installed trackers in all their vehicles, to be able to know if their vehicles are late or on time, and are taking the assigned route. Armored trucks carrying valuable goods use the device to track the vehicle's location if a robbery occurs. Trackers have been installed in expensive cars for owners to have an easier way to track their stolen vehicles and know where the vehicle is and the route it traveled.

Parents take advantage of GPS auto tracking technology in tracking their children's movements and anyone in the household. Sport enthusiasts for outdoor sports, like backpacking or jogging, use GPS tracking devices. The device is used to download data to a computer to calculate the duration and length of their trip, and to record the path they took on a map using GIS software.

With the advancement in technology and the availability of more GPS vehicle tracking systems, soon GPS trackers will become very affordable in the market for everyone. 


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