How To Install a High Definition Antenna

If your TV is HD-ready you will need to connect the antenna to the receiver in order for the TV to receive the digital/HD signal. You will find that contrary to what you might have learned, installing a high definition antenna is not that difficult.

The manual that comes with the TV is good enough for you to follow. There may be times that instructions are a bit confusing but you can contact your antenna store or brand and see if they have a live technical support line to help you out.

Together with the manual, you may find these different parts once you open the box of your purchased antenna: assembly hardware, mounting hardware and antenna components RF coax cables electrical cords.

Granting that your location is capable of over-the-air (OTA) broadcast signal reception, your local broadcast stations transmit a digital signal, you have HD-ready TV and an external HD receiver or HDTV that has a built-in digital (ATSC) tuner, these are some steps for how to install a high definition antenna:

(Note: Some steps only apply for those who prefer to install their antenna in the attic instead of installing it on the roof.)

  1. Assemble the components according to the instruction from the manual.
  2. Cut the plywood in half so you won't spread the antenna's elements so wide prior to taking it to its ultimate home. If you don't cut the plywood in half, it won't fit through the crawlspace entrance.
  3. Go up in the attic crawl space.
  4. Position two 2x4 sheets of plywood and attach the plywood into the ceiling joists. Place the tripod base and pole on the plywood and screw the tripod down to the plywood.
  5. Using a u-clamp and a 7/16th inch wrench, utilize the included bracket to secure the antenna to the mast.
  6. Tighten the clamp down the moment the antenna is pointing in the direction of the broadcast transmitter.
  7. Run coax cables from the antenna to each TV (you may have more than one) through wherever passageways are fit and possible. Remember that a splitter is required in multiple televisions. Now you connect to your TVs.
  8. Turn on your TVs and run the scan function according to your TV manual.

If you do all those steps carefully, you can watch TV in high definition and for free.


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