How To Install a Tweeter Speaker

Audio tweeter

Tweeters or tweeter speakers are the opposite of woofers. Tweeters produce high pitched sounds, around 2,000 hertz up to 20,000 hertz, for better sound propagation of high notes. They are used for professional audio systems like in home theaters. Of course anybody can use a tweeter. All you have to do is buy one and add it to your audio system to improve the system’s sound quality. Tweeters can even be attached to your regular television unit.

Installing a tweeter speaker into your sound system is pretty simple, but if you have no idea or experience the tweeter might explode. In case you do not know how, but wish to install it, get your reading glasses and understand these how to do-it-yourself instructions:

  1. Decide on and buy the tweeter of your choice. There are many kinds of tweeters. They vary in purpose and style. Choose from these kinds of tweeters: cone, dome, piezo, ribbon, horn, plasma, bullet, super bullet, etc. Some tweeter speakers (especially the costly ones) already have crossovers. Look for this in the specifications of the tweeter. In case your tweeter has no crossover, you have to buy one that matches your tweeter. Ask a store’s staff about it. Also, take note that you have to buy a tweeter that matches the power output of your amplifier. If your tweeter max power is so much lower than the power output of the amplifier, the tweeter may explode. Ask the seller for the best tweeter for your audio system. Specifying the size of the room and kind of soundproofing is needed to know which tweeter is ideal to buy. It is important to use the right size of speakers to optimize the quality of sound delivered.
  2. Check the wiring of your present sound system. If it is an indoor audio system, take note of the power source or the plug. If it is a car stereo system, check the wires connected to the battery. Now, look at the wires connected to your ordinary speakers. If you have multiple speakers, know which wires are connected to the small speakers and big speakers.
  3. Unpack your tweeter. It should contain the tweeter (looks like a small speaker) and a casing. The tweeter should have a hole where the wires from the radio or amplifier should be connected. If there are no holes, there should be two wires.
  4. Look for locations for the tweeters. Tweeter speakers, like any other speakers, are usually embedded with only the front of the speaker exposed. But many tweeters (and even ordinary speakers) nowadays have their own stylish casing and you can put them anywhere without the hassle.
  5. Get the proper wire for the tweeter. Look for the terminal at the back of your radio or amplifier with an “audio out” or “speaker” label. If you already have a speaker, the speaker should be connected to that terminal (Take note that it is a bad idea to put a tweeter without the mid-range or full range speaker since you will only hear poor sound quality, composed only of high pitched notes). You have to find a way to connect the tweeter wire into the speaker wire. Some speakers have sockets for expansion while most of them have two holes with black and red push locks wherein you can plug any speaker. Most of the tweeters do not have plugs, they only have two wires. You can insert these wires into the hole/expansion slot of the speakers.
  6. If your tweeter comes with its own amplifier, plug it into the outlet and do the same with your sound system. Most tweeters do not have their own amplifier so just turn on your sound system.

To enjoy the sound even more, add a woofer to take care of low-frequency sounds. Well, just do not confuse tweeter speakers (which are speakers) to Boss Tweeter (which is a band). There is a brand for audio products though that is named “Boss”. 


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