How To Install a Wireless Security Camera

Security camera

A wireless security camera is a wise thing to use nowadays. It makes you feel safe, because you get to see many areas of your home or work place at the same time. You can use it as a spy camera, especially in places like factories, so you can see if the workers are properly doing their jobs. Moreover, unlike a wired security camera, you don't have to worry about connecting a cable all the way from the camera to the monitor. All you need is a wireless adaptor. Most digital security cameras today are wireless.

A closed-circuit television or CCTV camera is one kind of a wireless security camera. It is similar to how broadcast television works, except that the scope is limited and the signal is of course, not publicly transmitted.  When installing a security camera, you could use a television for a monitor, or you could use your personal computer for the same purpose, especially if you're going to use the Internet to view the security video.

Before installing your wireless security camera, read the instruction manual very thoroughly. Chances are, it will give you the same steps as the ones written below, but there could be instructions specific to your kind of surveillance camera. Here is how you can install a wireless security camera:

  1. Make sure you have all the necessary security equipment. If you're buying the materials as one package, make sure that they are complete. Before you leave the store, open the box and check the accessories one by one.
  2. Choose the area where you're going to place the security camera. Choose an angle that can cover most of the area. It will be pointless installing a security camera where it can't serve its purpose. Your security camera should also be high so people will have a hard time reaching it. You wouldn't want naughty teenagers getting hold of them. If your security camera still has to use an electric outlet, place it in an area where it can have access to one. If you're installing an outdoor security camera, it must be placed where it is amply protected from the elements, such as the rain and the wind. 
  3. Get the mounting bracket of the security camera. Hold it against the area where you plan to mount the camera. Make sure it is balanced.
  4. Mark the points where you're going to drill holes for the screws.
  5. Drill the holes.
  6. Install the mounting bracket securely using the screws provided.
  7. Mount the security camera on the bracket.
  8. If your security camera uses batteries, check if the batteries are in good shape. Always use new batteries.
  9. Synchronize the security camera with the signal receiver and the monitor. Follow the instructions written on the manual closely.
  10. If you're going to monitor your security camera using the Internet, make sure your server is fast. If you only have dial-up access, then you must upgrade your Internet account. You will need additional equipment, such as a DSL modem.
  11. Start using your security camera, and enjoy the sense of safety it provides.


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