How To Locate a Cell Phone with GPS

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Are you familiar with the Global Positioning Service (GPS) devices used by hikers? What about those used in modern cars? These GPS devices allow a person to know his location and to learn how to roam around from his location. This works the same for cellular phones with GPS feature. However, having a GPS-enabled phone is just part of the whole process. You need to have more and prepare more in order to locate a cell phone with GPS.

The following are needed to enable a cellular phone be located with GPS:

  • GPS-enabled phone. This kind of phone is better and easier to use for GPS-tracking. Phones with built-in GPS can easily receive and provide information signal about its location. However, phones without GPS built-in can still be located using the so-called trilateration technique. This method searches for the three nearest signals to your phone. Signals from these three towers will undergo a complex algorithm so that the phone’s exact location can be determined. 911 uses this technique to locate a caller’s location.
  • The only difference of the GPS-enabled phone is that it can receive and show data about its location. Most phones with GPS can run Java and so, can also download maps that have information about the nearest businesses, attractions, and the best route.
  • Most cellular phones today are already GPS-enabled. If unsure, better check your phone’s features. If you are still planning to buy a phone, then consider getting phones made for GPS connection like the Wherify Wireless and Disney Mobile.
  • Plan for GPS data transmission. Mobile service providers offer plans that support map and GPS data transmission. With this, the mobile phone can receive data even without manually connecting to the Internet. However, this is not always needed if you come in handy with WiFi connections or other ways of connecting your phone to the Internet like 3G or GPRS. AT&T, T-Mobile, Cingular, Nextel, and Sprint are some providers that offer plan for GPS locations.
  • Software that can read GPS maps and data. You already have the hardware and a way to get GPS data and maps. The software will work as a way to read the GPS information. Without the software, your phone won’t understand what the GPS signal means. InstaMapper is one of the free cell phone tracking software applications. Make a free account in their website and then, you can download and install the application to your phone.

Morlogo is more like a social networking free GPS tracking software. This can track your own phone and can track phones of your friends. The application can send you alerts in case a friend is near your location.

Besides free choices, you may use paid tracking software, too like Accutracking, Mapquest Find Me, Sprint’s Mobile Locator, and Wherify Wireless.

The ability to locate a cell phone with GPS is a helpful yet a dangerously tempting technological development. With this, you can monitor your children, spouse, elderly, and employees of their whereabouts. However, its advantages can let you or somebody else spy on a person. So, use GPS tracking with caution. You don’t want to get into trouble because of playing James Bond.


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