How To Locate My Lost Cell Phone

Most everyone would agree that they can’t live without their cell phones. It’s already a part of our everyday modern living. Mobile phones don’t just serve as communication gadgets. They also serve as a clock, Internet browser, GPS, MP3 player, camera, video camera, etc. But what if one day you suddenly lost your most important communication buddy?

Buying a new cell phone is always an option. However, it will not solve the problem easily if you have important contacts, messages, and multimedia files saved in there. You need to locate your cell phone not just because you don’t want to spend money for a new phone but because it holds priceless data. Try the following way to locate your mobile phone:

  • Call your cell phone number. Hopefully, you did not turn your phone in its silent mode. You may use another phone to call your number. If it’s just in the house, you can hear it ringing. If not, maybe someone will hear it ringing and answer the call for you. If you can’t have access to any phone, you may use the service of where’s my It allows you to make your phone ring by entering your phone number. It claims to have found more than 7 million phones through its service. Try it. It can’t hurt, anyway because it’s free to try.
  • Send SMS. Does your phone keep on ringing but no one is answering? If so, it’s possible that it’s not yet found or the person who found it doesn’t want to answer your call. Send SMS to your number, instead. This will most likely be read by someone else and hopefully, he’ll be moved by your message and bring it back to you.
  • Go back to the places you’ve been. Turn back the time and remember the last time you have your cell phone. Go back to every place that you’ve been and see if the phone is there. It might help to call your cell phone when looking for it in each place.
  • Use the GPS. Have you allowed GPS tracking on your phone? Use that to locate your cell phone. Talk with your service provider to locate the phone for you if you have planned your phone to transmit GPS signal all the time.
  • Register your phone as a lost phone. is there in the hope of reuniting lost cell phones with their owners. Search the IMEI of your phone in their search box. Hopefully, someone who found it registered it as a found phone. It’s okay if you can’t see the phone. Just keep it in their database in case someone else will use the website to look for your phone’s owner.

Panicking is usually the first reaction of a person who has lost his cell phone. The fact that you are here and have read this article is a proof that you thought about your problem in a logical manner. Continue being calm, even if you can’t find your cell phone using all of the tips above. Maybe it’s time to move on, buy a new cell phone, and collect contact information again.

You should have learned your lesson this time and avoid getting into more trouble. Copy your phone’s IMEI and enroll it to GPS tracking. You’ll never know when you’ll go crazy looking for a lost cell phone again. Better be safe than do the same mistake again.


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