How To Make 3D Video Polarized Glasses

Thanks to current trends in Hollywood, the 3D movie trend is back and it’s better than ever. Almost all forms of entertainment nowadays make use of 3D technology from amusement parks to movie theaters giving another dimension to people’s enjoyment and entertainment. Nothing makes the audience gasp in wonder and surprise as the illusion of the characters on the screen jumping up out of the screen.

3D glasses are technically called polarized glasses. The illusion of 3D is made when the polarized lenses limit some light waves from making it to your eyes. The polarized lenses filter out all light waves and only allow them to travel at a specific direction; the technical name for this is called stereoscopy.

You can easily create polarized glasses by using polarizing plastic and any old eyeglasses frames.

  • To create your own personal 3D video polarized glasses, you’ll need the following items:
      • A sheet of polarizing plastic
      • Glue
      • Scissors or a utility knife, whichever you’re more proficient at
      • A ruler
      • A pair of plastic frame glasses
  • Make sure that your plastic framed glasses do not have any lenses on them. You can easily remove these by applying appropriate force on the lenses. Be careful that you do not damage the frame themselves. Damaging the frames will defeat the purpose of creating 3D polarized glasses.
  • Measure the empty frames using a ruler. You can use the lenses you popped out from Step 1 to get exact measurements.
  • Cut out two lenses from the polarizing plastic. Double the size of the lenses you’ll cut out each.
  • Hold each of the pieces of plastic above each other. Turn the top one until the overlapping area between the two pieces turns dark. Doing this makes the polarization of the lenses become perpendicular to each other, one vertical polarization, and the other horizontal.
  • Take the measurements you got from Step 2 and cut new lenses from the polarized lens you made from Step 4.
  • Place the new lenses into the glasses frame then glue them in place.
  • You’re done! Take these 3D bad boys to the movies or to the amusement parks. If you are not getting the full 3D experience, try rotating the polarized lenses a little more until the characters begin leaping from the screen.

Note that the suggestion is to use an old, unused plastic eyeglasses frame to create the glasses. You can easily create a frame by cutting out cardboard frames and making the glasses out of them. But these aren’t advisable because of their fragility and you may be only able to use them once before having to replace them anew.

It’s not advisable to wear these glasses in any movie theater that doesn’t have the 3D feature for their movies.

With the proliferation of Blu-ray and plasma TV it stands to reason that 3D movies will eventually make it to home theater systems in the near future. It’s best that you have your 3D glasses ready at home when that time comes.


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