How To Make a Big Screen Projector

So, you've already bought that home theater system that you’ve wanted for so long. You already have the necessary space requirements and you have everything set up. But, there’s just one problem –you don’t have the correct size of the TV to use. No need to fret though, since you can easily make a projector to fit your needs at a low price. If you want to know how to make a big screen projector, here are the things you need to do.

  • Prepare the projector. Purchase an LCD projector that you can connect to your satellite box or DVD player. Find the best connection that you can.

    If you don’t have an LCD projector, you can just make your own projector box that you can use to surround your television set. Make a projector frame out of black cardboard that is forty-five centimeters more than the screen size on each side. Tape it around your screen.

    Create another cardboard frame that is of the same size as the television screen. Purchase a Fresnel lens and make a hole on the smaller frame that is of the same size as the lens. Tape the lens to the projector box once you have it properly inserted. Position the television by putting it in an upside down position. This gives you the proper direction of the images since the Fresnel lens inverts them.

  • Connect to a sound system. If you’re planning to use an LCD projector, connect the cable box to a surround speaker for better viewing.

    If you made the cardboard projection frame, you already have an internal sound, but you can still connect the television to an external speaker system if you want.

  • Ready the viewing area. Set up an area in your bedroom or living room where you plan to set up the projector. Use a clear, white sheet and hang it against the wall. Stretch it as far as you can and pin or tie it to objects that can hold the sheet straight. This ensures that you don’t get waves or ripples during your viewing hours.

    You can also make a screen holder for the sheet. Get a piece of PVC pipe and tie a piece of yard or thick thread around the center so you can hang it over the ceiling. Sew or tie the top part of the sheet over the pipe. Do the same to the lower part of the sheet with the exception of the hanging thread. Hang the sheet and position it closest to the wall so that it isn’t easily dislodged from place.

  • Position the projector. Place the LCD projector of the television projector in a location where the image displayed covers almost the entire sheet.

Focus the image on the screen until the images become sharp. If using an LCD projector, adjust the LED lens manually. If using a cardboard projector box, adjust the position of the Fresnel lens inside the projector box.

Once you’re properly set up and you’ve done the necessary adjustments, just put your viewing chair in place, cook some popcorn, and enjoy the show.


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