How To Make a Conference Call on Qwest

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Conference calls are an easy way to hold a virtual meeting, especially when participants are located in different cities, states, or even countries. There are many ways to make a conference call using various services. One of the most popular is Qwest, which involves the use of a toll-free number to connect all callers. The digital phone service offered by Qwest means that your call should be clear, no matter where the participants are located. Here's how to make a conference call on Qwest:

  1. Choose a date and time. Before calling to reserve your number, have a time and day in place for your conference call. Keep time zones in mind to be sure that the chosen time works for all participants.
  2. Get a toll free number from Qwest. You'll need to call Qwest at (800) 860-8000 to get a toll-free number set up specifically for your conference call. To be given this number, you'll need to provide your name, contact number, and payment information. You can bill the charges for the conference call to your place of work or to your individual Qwest account. This toll-free number is generally only usable for one conference.
  3. Learn about the call details. Qwest will also assign you a password for the phone number; the participants will need this password in order to be connected to your conference call. Besides obtaining the number and password, you may also want to ask about additional services such as conversation recording. Also be sure to ask about the costs for conference call services, if this is a concern of yours. The rates may vary if you have international participants.
  4. Give the number to conference call participants. Everyone who wishes to participate in the conference call should call the same number to be connected with everyone else on the call. Make sure to provide this to participants well in advance, and be sure they understand the process for connecting to the call.
  5. Call the toll-free line. At the date and time you have specified for the conference call, call the toll-free number and enter the password given to you by Qwest. You can begin talking as soon as you are connected, though you may wish to wait until all participants have connected before beginning the meeting. Once all other conference call participants have called to be connected to the line, your conference can begin.
  6. Hang up the phone. At the conclusion of your conference call, or if you wish to leave the conference call before it is over, simply hang up the phone.

Making a conference call on Qwest is easy. The toll-free number ensures that none of your participants will be billed for the call, making it easy for them to participate. You don't need any special equipment, just a regular phone, to participate in a conference call on Qwest.


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