How To Make a Cover for a Flat Screen TV

Flat screen TVs do not come cheaply. This is why making a cover for your flat screen TV should be considered if you want to protect the machine from dust and hand prints that could damage it permanently. Follow the simple steps outlined below to make your very own custom designed flat screen TV cover.

  1. Measure the dimensions of your flat screen TV first. Taking the measurements of your flat screen TV is the first thing on the list. This is so you will be able to surely point out how much of the fabric for the cover you will have to purchase from the store.
  2. Buy everything needed to make a cover for a flat screen TV. Firstly, you will have to decide upon the type of fabric to purchase for the project. Plain white or beige canvas is ideal for those who would want to paint the fabrics with their very own designs. Fabrics with cartoon character designs on the other hand are a great idea for flat screen TVs installed in kids' play or activity rooms. The idea here is to match the cover to the overall theme of the room where the flat screen TV is situated. Next thing on the list would be sufficient lengths of elastic. Of course, sewing needles and threads of appropriate colors are needed as well. And have a pair of sharp textile scissors for the project too.
  3. Add your personalized designs to the fabric. You can either paint or sew patters onto the fabric to come up with your very own creative designs. If you do decide to paint the fabric yourself, make sure that you allow sufficient time for it to dry up completely.
  4. Cut the fabric according to the dimensions of the flat screen TV. Add an inch to the original dimension of the flat screen TV and have this measurement laid out on the fabric. Cut the fabric accordingly with the use of the sharp textile scissors.
  5. Seal the edges of the fabric and put in the elastic. You can either have it run under a sewing machine with zigzag patterns or you can just go ahead do the sewing yourself just to make sure the edges do not unravel. Once done, sew the elastic over the borders of the fabric using even spaced back stitches.

Flat screen TVs are very sensitive to dust and prints. Since this is the case, make sure that you wipe off the TV with lint free micro fiber cloth prior to covering it.


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