How To Make a Custom Leather Case for Your Electronics

Do you have an iPod, phone, smart phone, or other MP3 player or small electronic device that you would like to make a custom leather cover for? Well now you can, much easier and much less expensive than the quality leather cases available commercially.

Gather your supplies. You will need to find leather scraps from a large craft store, or online at any number of leather manufacturers. Depending on how hard you would like your case to be, you'll have to consider the weight and type of leather you purchase. Veg Tan leather, the leather used for making belts and old fashioned armor, will be sufficient for a very protective case.

You will also need some leather dye and sealer (often available in the same formula), some artificial or natural sinew - this is the 'thread' with which you will sew your custom leather case - or leather cording, a glover's needle, and an awl or leather punch for making holes in the sides of your leather case. If you want to be very fancy, you can find some punches or dies to make custom patterns on your leather case. You will also need a rawhide mallet to flatten your stitches.

Measure the dimensions of your electronic device or cell phone. You will then need to measure the leather, allowing for a small amount of overlap. Cut a long strip that will go over one side, around the bottom, and up the other side. Then cut out a piece for each side, and place even holes along the sides of your leather. Finish your leather with your dye and sealer, and allow it to dry completely.

For those who will be stamping or carving custom images into their custom leather case, do that before your leather fully dries. If the leather you are using requires some other treatment, make sure to do that before you go on to the next step. Using a glover's needle and your sinew, sew the case up the sides, and tighten the sinew and knot it at the top.

Cut off the excess sinew and, using your mallet, lightly flatten the stitches so that they are almost flush with the sides of your case. Use a leather-appropriate glue for the knots and at each awl hole, to make sure that your leather case will last as long or longer than your electronics do.

Make sure your electronics fit into your case, and then optionally add a lid to your case. You can even add a snap if you would like.


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