How To Make a Moving Spy Camera

A moving spy camera can be a nice project that’s fun to do, especially if you have a lot of hidden nooks at home or school. Its aim is to film and record someone without his or her knowledge. Some spy cameras record videos or take only still photographs, but most spy cameras have both functions.

Spy cameras and wireless CCTV cameras are increasingly becoming common. In fact, you can now buy wireless spy cameras from computer stores. These will transmit images and video over the internet, and can automatically save data to an off-site location. Some spy cameras can be disguised as other things so that they will not be recognized by the person or people being recorded or photographed by the cameras. Most common disguises for spy cameras include clock radios, smoke detectors, ball caps and cellular phones.

A moving spy camera is simple to make. You would need the following:

  • Radio-controlled (RC) car
  • Wireless camera
  • Wireless camera receiver
  • Television (TV) set or computer.

Mounting the camera on the RC car. Mount the wireless camera onto the remote-controlled car. You can fasten it securely with nuts and bolts, so it will not fall off in case you need to get your car out of a scene with a  quick escape. Otherwise, duct tape will probably suffice, if you need a quick job.

Programming the camera. Program the camera and the wireless camera receiver and see whether they are working or not. The system of the receiver usually has a series of LEDs that show you if the transmitter is working or not.

Connecting the camera to the TV. Link the wireless camera receiver to the television and once the set is turned on, you should see the camera’s video feed on the screen. If it’s an IP-based camera, then install the software on your computer, and configure it to view the feed from the camera. When in doubt, read the user’s manual from your camera’s retail kit, to determine the longest operating distance between the camera and the wireless receiver. Most wireless cameras will work within a 30 to 100 foot range.

Navigating the RC car. Now it is time for the radio-controlled car to be switched on. Manipulate the car by looking at the screen of the television to take it wherever you want. Be very cautious as to where you take the radio-controlled car. Do not stick it between obstacles. In case someone sees the camera, try to navigate away as quickly as possible. Or hide between some nook or cranny to avoid getting caught.

A moving spy camera has many purposes. Many people use a spy camera as a means to protect themselves from uninvited guests like thieves or burglars. Others may use it to watch over their relatives, such as parents, siblings or spouses. Some kids use these for fun. Spy cameras are also being used in reality television programs. They are intended to capture the people taking part in the program in unpleasant or strange situations. In other cases, spy cameras can be used in candid camera programs, in which the situations are often very funny.


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