How To Make a Telephone Number Private

I think we’ve all been there at least once. We just sit down to dinner, or we just get the baby down, only to have the phone ring. We rush to answer, only to be disappointed and/or angry to hear the voice of some monotone telemarketer droning on and on about some product, or even worse…we hear the robotic sound of recorded computer solicitation.

Now, we can “opt out” of receiving telemarketing calls, but we still receive them. Why? It’s simple. Companies all over the country have figured out a way to get past this little blessing. They have these new programs that are able to run phone numbers randomly. So, if you expect to be free of marketing calls, you’re wrong. These computers continually run numbers through their system and chances are you will be called. Thankfully, these calls are very rare.

I know that telemarketers and appointment setters need to work too. It’s just that their window of opportunities just so happens to be the time that “normal” people are home in the evenings or on the weekends, spending time with family, eating, or dealing with their children.

In the past, I've worked as an appointment setter and I know firsthand what it's like to make the calls to people and I know what it's like to receive those type of calls. I realize it is difficult for most people to be rude with these people and that only leaves getting a private telephone number.

In addition to telemarketing calls, many are plagued with harassing calls from various companies and/or individuals that enjoy playing on the phone. Thankfully, Caller ID has taken away some of that sting, but there may be only one permanent solution, and that is to acquire a private telephone number.

The process to get a private telephone number is very easy. The first step is to call the company that provides phone service. When speaking with a customer service rep, explain the harassment that has been endured. Usually, there is a charge to get a number switched to private, but if there has been any sort of hostility or harassment, they will switch for free. There will be a monthly charge on your phone bill. The rates vary from state to state. Also, there is a small charge to have your name and number taken out of the local phone book. But, if privacy is of the utmost importance, these fees are well worth your peace of mind.


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