How To Make Region Free DVD Players

Notice how when you have relatives coming back from overseas and bring home DVDs that you can’t play in your player? Odds are the DVD they’ve brought back isn’t from your region and your player won’t play it no matter how many times you pound on it.

This is because each region of the world is coded with its own DVD. Each region has a specific DVD code placed in it to preserve the financial integrity of the movie or TV show. Simply speaking, DVD coding is done to make sure the release makes money. Here is the breakdown for all the DVD regions:

  • Region 1 – North America
  • Region 2 – Europe, the Middle East, Japan
  • Region 3 – South East Asia, S. Korea
  • Region 4 – Oceania, South America
  • Region 5 – India, Africa and Eastern Europe
  • Region 6 – China
  • Region 7 – Special use
  • Region 8 – travel entertainment e.g. cruise ships, airlines,
  • Region 9 – Uncoded discs that can be played anywhere

Here’s the trick on how to make your DVD player region neutral:

But first, a warning. Basically, you’re about to change the manufacturer’s defaults for your DVD player. Doing this will automatically invalidate whatever warranty you’ve got on your player. Warranties often expire when you break any kind of manufacturer’s seal or defaults on the hardware and software of your appliance.

  • Find out what your player’s brand and model number. This information can be found either on a sticker on the DVD player or on the box.
  • Go online and find a site that will give the appropriate unlock codes for your DVD player brand and model number. There are sites listed below that can get you those codes.
  • Turn on your DVD player and put the imported DVD in the tray.

    Using the DVD player’s remote, push the info on it.

  • Step 5: Select 9. If you refer to the Region list, 9 means that your disc is uncoded and can be played anywhere in the world.

Here are the sites you can get your unlocking codes:

  • Video Help. This site is the most commonly visited one. It has pretty up to date DVD player listings and contains information about the Region it belongs to as well as the unlock codes.
  • DVD Hacks. This UK site is likewise pretty extensive. It contains American, Japanese and European made DVD players.
  • DVD365.  Also an easy to use resource site, this site also contains links to sites where you can buy Region DVDs.
  • AV Forums. This site is more a forum than anything else. It isn’t as helpful or as organized as the others but since this incorporates all users worldwide, you have a wider search option than the previous sites.

Be advised that you may be instructed to tinker with the hardware of your DVD in some of the sites above. You need to exercise your best discretion because tinkering with the hardware could cause damage to the player or worse, cause a fire. Just stick to the solutions that require you inputting a code into the player and not fiddling with the DVD player itself.


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