How To Make Untraceable Phone Calls

There are times when you want to hide your identity to the people you are calling. This usually happens when you make a prank call, or when you are avoiding the person, but you need to inform him something. Another situation where untraceable phone calls are ideal is if you are still not able to move on from your partner after you both split up. You may want to get updates from him, or just hear his voice. You could dial his phone call and end the call once he doles out his greeting. Whatever your reasons are, you have to remember that making your phone call untraceable will not entirely hide your identity.

Here are the steps that you should follow to make untraceable phone calls:

  • Use a payphone. A payphone is one of the ideal methods to hide your identity when you make phone calls. Unless you are a regular prank caller, the person you call will not be willing to spend money or go through the trouble of tracing your phone call. It is best not to use a public payphone within your area, just in case the person you called decides to have the call investigated. So make the call in public payphone one or two cities away from your area. You might want to make measure to cover up your face and hair too, because most public payphones come with a security measure. Use sunglasses and a scarf to cover your eyes and hair, and be sure to make the call at night, where there are only a few people hanging around the payphone. This will prevent you from stumbling on people who know you. This might be troublesome, but remember that hiding your identity is your goal. You must be prepared to go through any measure to do this.
  • Buy a prepaid cell phone. Prepaid cell phone is another wise choice that you can abuse for this purpose. The good thing about prepaid cell phones is that they are less troublesome as compared to public payphones that might require you an effort to travel. However, you need money for this because a prepaid cell phone may cost a lot of money. After you make your phone call, you can decide to use up all its minutes or dispose it at once. Just remember to dispose it as far from your area as possible, as cell phone companies are still able to trace the location where a call was made, even if it is from a prepaid cell phone. The method that these cell phone providers use to trace a phone call is the triangulation method. This method requires a special software usually made available only to the cell phone company. Unless the person you called can shell out a lot of money, he will just dismiss the phone call you made.
  • Use a computer software. Thanks to technology, untraceable phone calls are already possible. However, the use of this method requires a special software that can use your Internet connection to make a call. The process or making the phone call untraceable can take a lot of time, and mostly requires a subpoena from a court judge. Upon the issue of subpoena to the Internet service provider or ISP of the computer that you used, the ISP has to release the IP address used to make the call. However, you can easily free yourself from worries by using a proxy server in a computer café that is not within the area of your home. Before you do this, make sure that the internet café you choose does not have a security camera, and the attendant will not require an ID from you. This can give you the freedom of using a different name when you have to log on to the Internet.

Untraceable phone calls are a fun way to pull some people’s leg. However, you should be careful in making these phone calls. The steps above can be used to play a prank on another person. Threatening other people, on the other hand, is another matter. You will soon find out that the person you called will not rest until he is able to trace the anonymous caller who placed a threat on his life.


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