How To Make Your DVD Player Region Free

You’re an international movie enthusiast and you just got your DVD box set but to your horror, when you popped the disc in your DVD player, it refuses to play the disc. Don't worry because it is quite easy to remedy this issue. How? All you have to do is make your DVD player region free so that it would be capable of playing DVDs that come from overseas. The following lists the steps on how to go about changing the region settings to “multi-region”.

  1. Check if your DVD player is capable of changing regions. There are DVD players that are able to adapt to the region you want it to use, more often than not, these are DVD players that are China-made. Once you find out that your player is not capable of changing regions, proceed to the next step.
  2. Learn the brand name and model of your DVD player. In order to proceed unlocking your DVD player, you will need to have this information handy with you. If you still have the packaging box and manual that came with the player, you are in luck because you will easily locate the brand name and model there but in case you no longer have it, you will often find the manufacturer and model number on the player itself, usually when you flip it on its back.
  3. Search for DVD player hack codes on the Internet. Launch the Web browser you usually use when surfing the Internet and on the address bar, type in the following address and hit “Enter” on your keyboard to navigate to that website. On DVD Hacks’ search page, look for and hit the link of your DVD player’s manufacturer’s name, then scroll down to search for the model number of your player. Under the model number, you will see the steps and codes you need to press in order to make the player region free.
  4. Proceed unlocking your DVD player. Most hack codes require that you open the DVD player’s tray before you can proceed entering the codes. Whatever case it would be for your player, just make sure you follow along the steps given to you. When you are done, power cycle the player and then see if you are able to play your region-locked disc.

One thing you have to keep in mind when “hacking” your DVD player to make it region free, is that it could possibly damage the player so be very cautious while doing the procedure.


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