How To Make Your Own CD Cleaning Fluid

CDs and DVDs are something that you’ll probably find in every home. They contain movies, music and many other files that are very important to you. But constantly using these CDs and DVDs may cause them to have minor scratches and fingerprints, making it harder for the lens to read.

Getting dirt, grease and scratches on your CDs and DVDs can be a real pain especially if they start to skip when you play a track or when you watch a movie. You can try to save these discs by bringing them to a professional but after a while you’ll realize that it can be quite expensive.

You could take matters in your own hands and buy those CD cleaning sets but you’ll only find out that they also cost a lot. Now, this may push you to give up on your well-loved CDs but wait just yet. There is still a way for you to save them. You can try to clean them up without having to spend so much. All you need to do is to make your own CD cleaning fluid to clean those discs up.

Making your own CD cleaning fluid is quite easy and you can definitely find the materials right in your own home. All you’ll need are a plastic spray bottle, filtered or distilled water, and some dishwashing liquid soap.

  • Filter the water or get it distilled. Unfiltered water has small sediments in it. You wouldn’t want this because it could easily scratch your CDs. If you want to use tap water, you can easily distill it by putting it in a pot and letting it boil. Wait until you see a rolling boil and then remove it from the heat. Make sure to cover it and let it cool.
  • Once the water has cooled down, put it in the plastic spray bottle. Just add about three to four drops of dishwashing liquid soap. Make sure you don’t put too much because it will make the cleaning fluid too soapy and bubbly.
  • Give it a shake. Do not shake it too much because thick foam might form. Set it aside and give it another shake before using. Make sure that the mixture is mixed thoroughly for it to be effective.

When you use this CD cleaning fluid, make sure that you use a soft clean cloth so that no further scratches or damages will happen to your CD. Try using an anti-static cloth for cleaning your CDs since it is much safer to use than other kinds of cloth. Also, never ever use alcohol or any strong chemical on your CDs because it may have a negative reaction to the disc’s material.

There is no need to spend so many dollars just to keep your favorite CDs clean and in good shape. All you need to do is to make your very own CD cleaning fluid and do the job yourself. Just follow these three simple steps and see how flawless your CD will be after a good cleaning job.


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