How To Negotiate Your Long-Distance Phone Service

Negotiating your long-distance phone service can be easier than you think. Long distance phone service does not need to be expensive, especially if there has been a sudden change in your financial situation that does not allow you to pay the current terms of your contract. Here are some negotiating tips you can use to get you much closer to a deal you are able to live with.

  1. Preparations. Before going to the company to negotiate better terms, you must first enlarge your knowledge base on the industry as well as their policies. Learn their jargon and get an idea how the industry works. This will help you with the negotiation process since you will be able to understand them and give you the ability to properly react to the things that they are saying.
  2. Study yourself. Look for previous receipts or records of your consumption behavior. Try to look at them and look how they are affecting you and how will they be affecting you in the future. Compare this with the different company policies that they are offering and look for the best deal that is suitable for you. This step will also allow you to clearly understand what you want ant your want can be the basis of negotiation. For example try to determine which calls you use more. If you use more interstate calls than in-state calls then you should look for a policy that will allow you cheaper and more control over interstate calls.
  3. Control yourself. Many people let their emotions get the better of them. This is a big no no when it comes to negotiation. Getting emotional over something will cloud your judgment as well as make you unreasonable. When going into negotiations, make sure that you have prepared yourself for the things that might happen in the course of negotiations.
  4. Negotiating. When actually negotiating with your service provider, make sure that you listen to what they are saying. Take down notes and ask questions. Never make it easy for them to pull you into a deal that you do not want. Choose your words carefully and make sure that the negotiation is based on your current plan and your preferences. Try to look for a compromise that both of you are satisfied with. Use your negotiating leverages wisely since they can change many situations around in your favor.
  5. Sealing the deal. Do not make the mistake of leaving without sealing the deal. This usually means getting the agreements you have made with them into writing. If you fail to do this then it will be all to easy for them to forget or change whatever you have agreed upon.

Phone service providers are not the monsters that many people think them to be. Many of them want to give quality service and help you stay. Communication is the most important thing when it comes to negotiating so make sure than everything is clear and that you are satisfied with what have been said before leaving. If all else fails, be prepared to change your service provider.


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