How To Print a DVD Label

Labeling our DVDs or CDs is an important activity. It serves for identification purposes. A printed label is a sign of neatness and organized possessions. There are software that are intended for printing labels and there are also printers that are specially made for printing forms like a DVD label.

Printing of DVD labels can be done with the help of an inkjet printer. There is a little adjustment made on the printer for such forms and if you hit ok the printing will continue up to the last label that you want printed. For a clearer instructions, let us follow some suggestions to do the job.

  1. First buy blank DVD labels. Office supplies stores and distributors sell these. If you have publishing software, you can make a design to make your DVD label appear professional.
  2. With the help of publishing software, you can make any artwork on the label. Artworks can also be found in web sites.
  3. To design an original DVD label, a number of options may be considered. You can create text with art work or text only. Have the necessary information about the DVD. You can also have pictures on the label but be sure that it fits the label.
  4. Once you have the labels designed according to your whims, insert the blank DVD labels into the paper feed of your inkjet printer.
  5. Click “print”. Make several adjustments so that the label is properly aligned. To be sure about it, click the “Print Preview” so that you can see what will appear as a finished product.
  6. If you are satisfied with what you see on the preview, click “ok” and your DVD label prints.
  7. Take a look again at the finished product. If you are happy with the result, cue for printing again, this time indicate the number of labels you will be printing.
  8. Peel off the label and apply one by one to the DVDs. Take your time in positioning the label on the DVD because if the adhesive backing on the peeled label is damaged, you will not be able to re-use it. If it was attached to the DVD without any balance, even your DVD will also be considered damaged.

Labeling your DVDs should be done with care. A sharpie pen is not recommended to be used on a DVD label because it has solvent based ink which can damage protective coatings on the CDs or DVDs. Stick on labels are also considered great offenders in your DVD’s label. It will unbalance the disc and of course if it is unbalanced, it will not read or write correctly. Stick on labels can also damage the drive and can introduce foreign material to your drive.

There are many options for labeling DVDs. Stick-on labels are good if you only label one or two DVDs or CDs a month. Even the sharpie pen may also be used if you only have one or two DVDs to be labeled. Inkjet printers are good but you should not rush into buying one if your labeling job is not big. 


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