How To Record from DVR to DVD

DVD player and disc

A Digital Video Recorder (DVR) can record your favorite movies and TV shows. Just like any device with electronic media storage capabilities, a DVR has a memory limit. To keep the shows and movies you've already recorded and keep on recording more, you will need to transfer those stored files on to a DVD. Here are the detailed instructions on how you would you record or transfer your collection from DVR to DVD:

  1. Get the DVR, the DVD Recorder and the TV ready. The DVD Recorder should be hooked to your TV by means of an RCA Audio/Video wire from the back cable outputs of the DVD Recorder towards the back RCA cable inputs on your TV. If you are also using your DVD Recorder to watch movies as well, the wire connections might be different. Don’t fret the connections are easy to reconfigure.
  2. Connect the DVR outputs to the DVD recorder inputs. The connection setup may use S-Video, component cables, DVI (digital video interface) or typical RCA. It can also happen that both devices can support most of these connection types. Choose the set-up recommended in your DVR and DVD recorder user's manual.
  3. Adjust the input on your DVD recorder to match with the other devices. 'L1' is correct option when using the back S-Video input. 'L2' on the other hand is the required choice for recording through the front analog cable connections.  You can use the DVD recorder's remote control in selecting or adjusting the input selection. You'll also have to alter the input selection on the TV to go with the inputs you are utilizing in the DVD Recorder. 'Video 2' is usually the correct option for using rear inputs.
  4. Test for video and audio signals. Play the TV show or movie on the DVR to check if all the wires are attached properly and the inputs are matching. If audio and video are present and clear, you can start the transfer process. If audio is present but there is no video or vice versa, verify if the pertinent cables and inputs are properly matched.
  5. Do other pre-recording procedures. This involves placing a writable or rewritable DVD disc in the DVD recorder and setting the right recording speed.  Generally, two hours of recording time is safe. This will provide you with a mirror quality of the original DVR footage.
  6. Start recording. Play the previously recorded TV show or movie and press the record button on either the DVD recorder itself or the one on its remote. If you want to record more than one show on a DVD, just pause the recorder while you switch to the other show, and then resume by releasing pause. Just make sure you have enough space on the disc for the shows you are recording.
  7. Finalize the DVD. Once you have completed the recording hit the stop button on both the DVR and DVD recorder. DVD discs in order to be playable in other media devices need to be 'finalized'. This post-recording procedure varies for each DVD Recorder, and so you will need to consult your DVD recorder's manual.

Some DVRs actually come with a built in DVD recorder but these are the more expensive models. The procedures outlined above are for cases when the DVR and DVD recorder are two separate appliances.


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