How To Record Shows Using a DirecTV DVR

Watching TV shows and recording them has become easier with the advent of broadcast feeds using a satellite dish receiver direct to your home. The system is more intuitive and gives you a lot of options to watch, preview shows on other channels, select which shows to watch, including parental guidance and record single shows and program series. You have the choice to watch HD and SD videos with the click of a button.

Programs for up to two weeks are listed in the Program Guide so you know in advance what programs to look out for. You can record a show while watching another and in the event that you will be out of the house when a show that you are waiting for will be shown, you can record the program direct to your DirecTV DVR receiver. Take a look at the instructions below.

  1. Press the Menu button on the remote control and go to the Program Guide. The guide will show you the list of programs available per channel in chronological order, just like looking at a printed TV guide. The Forward button on the remote control will move you through the list in thirty-second increments. You can also view programs lists per day using the green and red buttons on the remote control.
  2. Search for the program you would like to record. Go to Menu and scroll until you see the Search for Shows option and then choose the Select option. You can then make your selection based on Title, Keyword, Person or Channel. On HD receivers you can use Smart Search option from the Menu. You can use the number keys on the remote control to type a search term just like using the keypad on a cell phone. You can also use the keypad displayed on screen to make your search. In the Smart Search view there are images of shows that might interest you and you can use that to make a selection.
  3. Based on how specific the search term you have inputted, the screen will display the list of shows available for the next two weeks, with program description. You just need to highlight the show that you are interested in and press Select.
  4. When you have pressed the Select option you will be given three selections in the menu that is shown. You can choose Record Once if the program is a special event that will only be shown once. You can also opt to record the whole series or record selected episodes. Key in the start and end times and press the Record button to complete the process. You will see an orange record icon beside the program.
  5. Review what you have programmed the DirecTV DVR to record by navigating to the To Do List by pressing Menu and selecting Manage Recordings. This will display all the pending recordings that you have on schedule with corresponding descriptions. The list is displayed in chronological order to make it easy for you to edit, stop or cancel a recording. If you wish to delete a single show, press the Red button on the remote control and wait for the confirmation message. If you would like to delete the recording of a series, you just highlight the show, select the Series Options and then choose the Cancel series option to remove the show for the To Do List.

With the DirecTV DVR you change the way you watch and record TV programs. The remote control and the on-screen menu is user-friendly that navigating through the list is very easy. You can control and manage how you watch television and install safety measures so that young children will not be able to access programs not suitable for children through Parental Controls.


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